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Translation in Malaysia

We are a Translation firm in Malaysia with representation in Singapore and Thailand. We provide certified translation in Malaysia and complex localization solutions for corporations and Language Service Providers Worldwide that need to
translate English to Malay or any of the 50 Languages we translate. We have a wealth of linguistic and technical experience that enables us to translate any project to any language.

In addition, our team is experienced in providing audio voiceover in Malaysia and Singapore as well as subtitling for youtube or any videos.


Voiceover Dubbing Malaysia

VEQTA Translations’ voiceover and multimedia localization capabilities enable us to provide turnkey solutions for projects requiring dubbing of audio content, subtitling or localization of interactive multimedia content in range of languages and media types.

Whether we localize eLearning courses in Asian Languages in XML/Flash or providing English to Chinese Translation for subtitling – or video editing in Russian, or Thai Translation VEQTA Translations can deliver a complete integrated service with multilingual audio and video.


Thai Translation

We provide Both Malay and Thai Project Managers that understand our clients’ business objectives, language, and are connected with native translators and reviewers who know the cultures of the targeted language locale.

Our teams can ramp up turnaround time for rush jobs by allocating additional resources to the project to meet our client’s deadlines. Our Project Managers are based in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok from where we offer expert Thai Translation Services.


Malaysian Translation

Our team of localization experts consists of professionals with years of hands-on experience in the language translation industry.

Our team members draw on their translation and localization experience and proven track record to assess the best approach for your translation project to provide an elite translation. Our translation firm in Malaysia will provide you with quality second to none.

We provide a highly skilled team eager to create a custom solution for your translation project whether it involves localization of software in Asian languages such as ERP, CMS, business applications on the cloud or translation of content for games.


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Translation Service Malaysia

Translation service company

We service not only Malaysia but also offer translation in Singapore– and serve clients worldwide! Whatever your translation needs are, VEQTA Translations is a choice you can depend on. We’re able to offer our clients stability and consistency for their long-term projects. Located in Kuala Lumpur, and with representatives in Bangkok, we have the strategic benefit of operating in a low-cost environment and can thus provide a high-quality translation for very competitive prices. Our team is made up of no-nonsense, top-notch professionals that are here to make international business, and our clients’ life, easier. VEQTA Translations is further enhanced by the technology that we use. We ensure we are consistent with your organization’s preferred terminology, as well as maintaining the maximum level of efficiency for content revisions.

VEQTA Translations is driven by a strong project management team and translators who utilize state-of-the-art translation memory, and quality assurance technology tailored to comply with our clients’ custom specifications.

Whether you need an English to Mandarin Translation or need an thoughtful English to Malay translation of your marketing material, or quickly need an English to French translation – we can help you! VEQTA Translations has thousands of translators providing translation in a large number of languages. These are translators and reviewers with native language ability who bring consistency to each job and perform specialized research to ensure the use of correct terminology in a foreign language. All our translators fulfill our strict criteria:

  • Native Language Proficiency. All our translators have native language proficiency with superior writing skills.
  • Solid Background. (i.e. advanced degrees, work experience) and specialization in the subject matter of your project.
  • Experience. Selected for their years of professional experience.
  • Qualifications. Individually selected for their qualifications and vetted by passing a comprehensive skill testing process for language ability.

Why VEQTA Translations?

We are great at the core of our business – translation and localization! We adapt our clients’ business, technical, marketing and legal communications to new languages. This helps them deliver and promote their services more efficiently around the world. Whether you are looking to translate your website into Mandarin or have a technical doucment you need to translate English to Malay, we are well equipped to localize your documents. We consistently translate documents related to specific industries such as manufacturing, software, tourism, and retail. We also provide a full suite of services including, but not limited to, subject matter expertise, document translation, website localization, eLearning, software localization and voiceover.

When it comes to document translation, our professional translators reside in your target language’s geography. In the last couple of decades, translation has become increasingly complex. Growing demand and low entry barriers make purchasing translation services an ocean of potential choices, consisting of large and boutique producers and everything in between.

The ‘Key’ to making the right choice is to get educated. We believe that many in our industry, in an effort to differentiate themselves, would have you believe they have built a better mousetrap. It’s just not true. The vast majority of projects still require, quite simply:

  • A team of skilled translators to translate the written word from one language to another. (i.e., translation, editing and proofreading).
  • A Project Manager to supervise the translators and manage the projects throughout the project lifecycle, from beginning to end.
  • A Single Point of Contact to manage client contact and discuss specific requirements.

We follow a proven process of translation, editing/review, and quality delivery management checks. By following this workflow we are able to produce translations that are consistent and accurately expresses the same meaning as conveyed in the source language. Read more details about the translation process.

Translation Services in Kuala Lumpur

VEQTA Translations Pte Ltd
Level 33, Ilham Tower,
No. 8, Jalan Binjai,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 3 2117 5242

Translation Services in Kuala Lumpur

Translation Services in Singapore

VEQTA Translations Pte Ltd
Level 24-01, CapitaGreen
138 Market Street
048946 Singapore
Phone: +65 6679 6287

Thai Translation Company

VEQTA Translations Pte Ltd
Contact our sales representative in Bangkok, Thailand:
Phone: +66 98357 8074

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Contact Form

Our Client Approach

We believe that every client and every document are different, and to that end, we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to our language localization services. We recognize the quirks and nuances of each project, and we approach our work as such. We have the resources to manage your project ourselves as well as collaborating with our in-country translators to make communication an easier, more efficient process. We have the flexibility to customize our processes throughout the project life cycle to meet specific requirements and business objectives.

We have proven success in delivering the highest quality translation which is tailored for specified target audience. We work with some of the world’s most respected companies such as Canon, Kaspersky, Fujitsu, Samsung and Seagate to mention a few. Our clients turn to us for the accurate, affordable and professional translation services they need to help increase their global revenue. Whether you require thai localization provided by VEQTAs Thai Translation Company, Mandarin translation or translation into Bahasa Malay, or if you require translation of multiple Asian or European languages – your project is in safe hands with us!

VEQTA's translation company clients

Translation Industry Standards

We only recruit skilled translators with native language ability who have passed rigorous testing and have the necessary subject matter expertise. Our core languages are Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Thai but also we also offer skillful and creative translation in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. In fact, we offer over 50 language pairs for a non-stop localization solution! All our translators and reviewers have several years of experience in translation and have solid work experience and translation experience in their respective field of subject-matter expertise. VEQTA Translations adheres to the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) Quality Assurance Standard, a globally respected standard within the localization industry.

Click on the image below to download a copy of our Corporate Brochure (PDF Format).

Thai Translation

Translate English to Malay

All our Malay translators are certified by either ITBM (Institut Penterjemahan dan Buku Malaysia) or from the PPM/MTA which is the Malaysian Translators Association. For more information about Bahasa Malay translation click here: Translate English to Malay. We currently have around 400 Malay translators who work with us and who are readily available. Each linguist has their own area of expertise such as Marketing, I.T, Legal, Finances/Banking, Travel & Hospitality, Safety Industry, Health & Fitness and most major industries.

We typically assign both a translator and an editor for each translation project i.e when we translate English to Malay. This enables us to provide a high-quality translation usually required by corporations, businesses, NGOs and institutes.

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