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Malay Translation Services

We provide Translation in Malaysia with representation in Singapore and Thailand. Our Malay translators provide an excellent certified translation and complex solutions for corporations and Language Service Providers Worldwide that need to translate English to Malay, Malay to English, or any of the 50 Languages we offer for documents, websites, software and nearly any platform.

Our translation Malay to English include skilfull Malay translators, audio voice-over, e-learning, captions for YouTube or any videos for Malay to English.

Malay Localization Voiceover

VEQTAs’ voiceover and multimedia capabilities enable us to provide turnkey solutions for dubbing of audio content, animations, video, subtitling or localizing interactive multimedia content and elements.

Whether we localize eLearning courses in Asian Languages in XML/Flash or providing English to Korean- or video editing in Russian, or Thai Translation VEQTA Translations can deliver a complete integrated service with multilingual audio and video.


Thai Translation

We understand our clients’ business objectives, language, and are connected with talented translators and reviewers who know the cultures of the targeted language locale.

We are able to ramp up turnaround time for rush jobs by allocating additional resources to meet our client’s deadlines. Our Project Managers are based in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok from where we offer expert Thai Translation Services.


Malay Translation

Our Malay translators have years of hands-on experience.
We draw on our translation and localization experience and proven track record to assess the best approach for your project and a perfect result. Our translation firm will deliver a quality second to none. We provide a custom solution for your company whether it involves creating local versions of software in Asian languages such as ERP, CMS, business applications on the cloud or content for games.


Translation in Malaysia

Malay translator, translator English to Malay, translator Kuala Lumpur, Malay localization, Malay translations

We not only serve local clients with official translation but also provide translation in Singapore as well as worldwide! VEQTA is a choice you can depend on. We’re able to guarantee stability, consistency and a fast turnaround. Located in Kuala Lumpur, and with representatives in Bangkok, we have the strategic benefit of operating in a low-cost environment and thus allowing us to provide a high-quality service for very competitive prices. VEQTA is staffed by straightforward, top-notch professionals that aim to make our clients’ life easier. VEQTA is further enhanced by the technology that we use. By using an efficient procedure of content revision, we persist to be consistent with your organization’s preferred terminology and voice.
VEQTA is driven by a group of dedicated translators who utilize state-of-the-art translation memory as well as quality assurance technology tailored to comply with our clients’ custom specifications.

Whether you need an English to Mandarin Translation, a thoughtful Malay translation, or even an English to Russian translation – our responsive team can help you immediately! VEQTA has thousands of linguists delivering translation in many different languages. We use translators and copy editors with outstanding language ability who can bring consistency to each job as well as perform specialized research to ensure the use of correct terminology in a foreign language.

All our translators fulfil our strict criteria which is listed below:

  • Language Proficiency. All our linguists have native language proficiency with superior writing skills.
  • Solid Background. (e.g. advanced degrees, work experience) and knowledge of the topic of your content)
  • Experience. Selected for their years of professional work in the field.
  • Qualifications. Individually selected translators for their expertise and vetted by passing a comprehensive skills test

Why use a Translation Company?

We are great at the core of our business – translation! We adapt our clients’ business, technical and legal copy to other countries. This allows for optimal delivery and promotion of their services around the world. We are well-resourced and equipped to localize your documents. We regularly translate files related to industries such as manufacturing, software, tourism, and retail. VEQTA has a full suite of services including, but not limited to, subject matter expertise, document translation, webpages, e-Learning, software and voice-over for all purposes.

In regard to translation for documents, we ensure to select a professional linguist that resides in your target geography. Over the last couple of decades, translation has become increasingly complex. Growing demand and easier access to the service has created a sea of potential choices.

The key to making the right choice is to be educated. We believe that many players in our industry, in an effort to differentiate themselves, would insist they have built a better solution. That’s just not true. The vast majority of assignments still require, quite simply:

  • A Team of Skilled Translators to convert the desired copy by translation, editing and proofreading.
  • A Project Manager to supervise the translators and manage the project life cycle, from beginning to end.
  • A Single Point of Contact to manage client contact and discuss client needs.

We follow a proven process of translation, editing/review, and quality delivery management checks.
Regardless of our Malay translators providing Malay translation services (or similarly in any other language), by following this workflow we are able to produce translations that are consistent and accurate. We guarantee to express the same meaning as conveyed in the original source. Read more details in our translation service FAQ.

Translation Services in Kuala Lumpur

VEQTA Translations Pte Ltd
Level 33, Ilham Tower,
No. 8, Jalan Binjai,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Ph:+60 3 2117 5242
E-mail: legal translation, translating Malay at good rates

Malay Translator support, medical certificates, birth certificates, Naati, australia, migration, academic transcripts, naati, job applications, certified official- great prices and rates - less time and days needed for urgent delivery.

Translation Services in Singapore

VEQTA Translations Pte Ltd
Level 24-01, CapitaGreen
138 Market Street
048946 Singapore
Ph: +65 6679 6287

Thai Translation Company

VEQTA Translations Pte Ltd
Contact our sales representative in Bangkok:
Ph: +66 98357 8074

Contact Form

Contact Form

Our Client Approach

We realize that every client may have slightly different or completely different needs, with that in mind, we don’t take a “one-size fits all” approach to our services. We recognize the quirks and nuances of our incoming content. We also have in-country resources on location that we can collaborate with to facilitate communication (e.g. with stakeholder reviewers). We have the flexibility to customize our process as often as necessary to achieve our client’s targets and business objectives optimally.

We have proven success in delivering the highest quality translation which is tailored for a specific target audience. We work with some of the world’s most respected companies such as Canon, Kaspersky, Fujitsu, Samsung and Seagate to name a few. Our customers turn to us for our ability to accurately and professionally provide the translation services they need to help increase their global revenue. Whether you require Thai translation, Bahasa Malay, or any other Asian or European translation – you can rely on our proficient team.

Translate Malay, legal translation, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Indonesian, Tamil, Nepali - Fast & Reliable & Great Pricing, DTP, business, financial, transcripts, degrees, legal, passports, licenses, diplomas, medical content supported by reliable and trusted speakers, interpreters, interpreting

Translation Standards

We recruit skilled translators with native language ability who are accredited and have passed rigorous testing and checks. Our core languages are Malay (Melayu), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Thai. We can also offer skilful and creative translation in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Nepali and Russian – a one-stop solution for our clients! All our linguists and copy editors have several years of experience in translation and carry solid working backgrounds in their respective field of specialization. VEQTA Translations adheres to the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), a globally respected quality standard.

Click on the image below to download a copy of our Corporate Brochure (PDF Format).
Home Translation, Asian translation, French,German,Italian,Arabic,Mandarin,Vietnamese,Korean,Indonesian, Japanese, fast deliveries and competitive pricing for businesses.

Malay translators

All our Malay translators are certified by either ITBM or the PPM/MTA, organizations that regulate Malay translations. We currently have over 400 native Malay translators working with us who are readily available on quick notice. Each linguist has their own area of specialization such as Marketing, I.T, Legal, Finances/Banking, Travel & Hospitality, Safety Field, Health & Fitness. We typically assign both a translator and an editor for all processed content. This enables us to provide a high-quality Malay translation service, fit for corporations, businesses, NGOs and institutes.

Best practices for translation of Documents

Translation for Scanned Documents

These types of pages are typically non-editable, which means the originals cannot be edited directly by the editor. It’s quite common, for example, that legal documents such as patents, intellectual property documents, deeds, affidavits, business-contracts, covenants, claims, business content documents, terms and condition statements are sent to us via scan. The documents may also contain .jpg or .png images which are also in need of translation.
Such documents may require OCR Scanning. Optical Character Recognition is a procedure in which the source is processed through a character recognition software such as Abby Fine Reader. The OCR algorithm analyses the shapes and lines and transforms it into editable text. The matching will usually require additional transcription by an editor as it rarely gives a perfect result. In the case where the typeface of the original pages is faint or hard to read, the documents may require transcription before the translator and linguists can commence their work to create a localized version. The method works both for Latin and non-Latin-based characters such as Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) – required when we translate Malay to Chinese or for content with Japanese or Korean characters.

For images with text displayed on top, diagrams, table re-creation or flowcharts, our desktop team will quickly work together with the linguist and re-touch the image in editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (e.g. using Airbrushing or tracing). After which, the image will be inserted back to its original place in the document for a quick and seamless result.
Keep in mind if the legal document is recreated for the purpose of translation (e.g. for witness statements by a sworn Malay translator, or documents intended for the high courts, medical certificates, copyright materials, etc.), you may need to have it stamped by a Notarius Publicus before certifying the translation with either ITBM or having it stamped by PPM/MTA

Translation for Apps, Software & Web

We observe international translation’s best practices to ensure successful software adaptation for the targeted locale. We can do anything from the translation of Apps and Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress to cloud software SAAS and even Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Read more about these best practices by clicking the link below. You can also read about CAT Tools, Translation Memories, SDLXLF Formats, termbases, terminologies such as UI/UA, and the many benefits of using established translation procedures and trained linguists equipped with standardized technologies: Translating – Services


We not only provide localized Malay Translation Services – but also internationalized and globalized translation services.
Translation practices can be categorized into 3 broad categories:

  • Internationalization (referred to as i18) functions to involve corporations in international markets and activities. Oftentimes, internationalization is used to adapt software in its design so it can be worked on by the translators without post engineering changes.
  • Localization (also called ‘L10n’) functions to involve adapting a software for a specific locale or geography; the same method is repeated for each separate locale or country.
  • Globalization (abbreviated as ‘g11’ standard). This process involves a combination of internationalization and localization practices in which international products and/or services are adapted to particular aspects of local cultures and markets.

Voice-over, Video & Subtitles

The process can start with transcription of audio to establish a written script for translation. Translation of audio formats such as .mp3 and .wav requires the linguists to adapt the script translation for verbal language.

Often the word count of the translated script naturally increases or reduces compared to the original source. This means extra attention must be given to the editor’s choice of words to keep the length of the translated script as close as possible to the original copy. If the translation is for scene-synched video or lip-synchronization, the translator may need to count the number of syllables in the target translation to manage the accuracy. Best practices for translation of voice-over dubbing also includes preparing pronunciation guides which will recommend how particular words should be pronounced (e.g. measurements, acronyms and names prior to recording in the studio).

VEQTA Translations has the suitable experience and Studio settings necessary to record for corporate presentations, Interactive Voice Recognition Systems (IVR), Training Videos, narration for books, In-flight Entertainment systems, and broadcasting.

Just as translation for dubbing, translation for captions typically needs to be kept short as character restrictions may and usually apply. Subtitles or Closed Captions (CC) can either be burnt into a video or delivered as a separate file such as .srt which is suitable for use with YouTube videos and most other video formats.

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