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Our translation service ensure accuracy and cultural relevance for companies and  individuals alike.

Delivering holistic services, including business, finance, IT/ERP, legal, pharmaceutical, and marketing communication.


Your business's essential content is in safe hands. We meticulously translate and adapt them, ensuring they maintain their integrity and resonate with the intended audience.


At VEQTA Translation, we don't just translate; we localize.


From document translation to software, e-Learning modules, and multimedia voiceovers, we ensure your content resonates globally.


Embrace our comprehensive approach for a truly native user experience across platforms.


Choose VEQTA, your bridge to global success.


At VEQTA Translation, voiceover dubbing is more than just speech—it's about authenticity. Harness the power of our native speaking voice talents to ensure your content speaks directly to the heart of your audience. Transform your multimedia into a globally resonant experience with VEQTA.


At VEQTA Translation, our voiceover dubbing isn't just about clarity—it's about capturing essence and emotion. Leveraging the expertise of our native speaking voice talents, each word is meticulously recorded in a state-of-the-art studio, ensuring unmatched audio fidelity and  post audio engineered files ready for end use. With VEQTA, breathe life into your multimedia and captivate global audiences.

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 At VEQTA Translation, accuracy and authenticity are paramount. That’s why we collaborate closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)—industry professionals deeply rooted in their respective fields. These SMEs provide invaluable insights and industry-specific terminology, ensuring that our localized content is accurate and suitable for respective industry field.. With the expertise of SMEs at our disposal, VEQTA guarantees translations that resonate professionally and authentically in most major sectors.

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Translation pathway

At VEQTA Translation, we’ve streamlined a clear “Translation Pathway” to ensure seamless localization outcomes. Initially, VEQTA assists in scoping out your precise translation and localization requirements. To guarantee a smooth journey, you’ll be paired with a dedicated project manager, serving as your single point of contact. They’ll guide and assist you from the project’s inception to its successful completion, ensuring clarity and consistency throughout the entire life cycle.


Begin with VEQTA's expert team helping you identify and outline your precise translation and localization requirements.


Be paired with a dedicated localization iproject manager, your one-stop point of contact, ensuring seamless communication and guidance.


Rely on our experienced linguists and Subject Matter Experts to ensure translations are not only linguistically accurate but also contextually and culturally relevant. All text are translated as a full TEP service (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) by human experienced translators and editors.


Undergo a rigorous quality QA check, with refinements made as necessary, or Desktop Publishing, culminating in a polished, professional translation ready for global audiences. After delivery to the client, VEQTAs team remain fully available.

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VEQTA Translations – translation in Malaysia, is staffed by straightforward, top-notch professionals that aim to make our clients’ life easier. VEQTA has thousands of linguists delivering translation in many different languages.

We are great at the core of our business – translation! We adapt our clients’ business, technical and legal copy to other countries. We use full time professional career translators, subject matter experts (SME) and copy editors with outstanding language ability who can bring consistency to each job as well as perform specialized research to ensure the use of correct terminology in a foreign language.

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At the heart of any business lies its foundational documents. VEQTA Translation delves deep into the nuances of a cross-spectrum of industries, ensuring that whether it's legal, medical, or technical content, your documentation remains both accurate and authentic.  


With our team's expertise, your business operations can easily transcend borders. Every term, every phrase is treated with the seriousness it deserves, making your business universally understood. Our meticulous process ensures that no detail is overlooked.



Crafting engaging marketing content is an art, one that transcends mere language. Our team not only translates but also imbues your content with the cultural nuance needed to capture foreign markets.  


 Captivating a global audience requires more than just literal translation; it demands a deep understanding of cultural intricacies. Marketing is about connection, and with VEQTA, your brand's voice will resonate globally, leaving a lasting impact.


 In the age of digitization, cloud-based software and SAAS platforms are ubiquitous. VEQTA ensures your software speaks every user's language, providing translations that are both functionally apt and user-friendly. As the digital ecosystem expands, we understand the need for software that feels intuitive across different languages



Our experts ensure that every interface, button, and prompt feels native, enhancing user experience across borders.


Dive into the expansive universe of RPG and MMORPG with VEQTA's gaming translation solutions. In the dynamic world of gaming, where narratives evolve and gameplay is key, our translators maintain the thrill of the game.


Every quest, character, and narrative arc is translated with precision, ensuring gamers are fully immersed, irrespective of their linguistic background. Let your game's story be told universally, capturing the hearts of players worldwide. 


 The digital marketplace is vast and varied. With VEQTA, ensure your e-commerce platform is accessible and inviting to all, regardless of language. 


The e-commerce space is fiercely competitive, and with our expertise, your platform can truly stand out. From product descriptions to user reviews, we make certain every word aids in converting a global visitor into a loyal customer.

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The future of education is digital and without boundaries, and with eLearning authoring tools like Storyline Articulate and Lectora, VEQTA’s eLearning localization and SCORM compliant solutions is right beside you.


With the rise of online education, it's crucial that content speaks to a diverse learner base. We specialize in localizing eLearning content, ensuring every module, quiz, and interactive session is culturally and linguistically tailored, fostering optimal learning across geographies.


Visual storytelling has the power to move masses. VEQTA takes your videos to the next level with professional subtitling and On-Screen Text Graphic localization. 


As audiences worldwide consume content, your videos should not be restricted by language barriers. Whether it's a corporate presentation or an emotive film, our translations ensure your message is both seen and felt universally.


Mobile app markets are saturated, but with our specialized localization, your app becomes a beacon for global users. With our translation services, your mobile application becomes globally user-friendly, with every function, resonating with users from all linguistic backgrounds.


Dive into global app markets with confidence, and watch your user base grow!

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We understand the challenges our customers face within and across these industries. We provide practical, pragmatic and powerful solutions for addressing those challenges.

These CASE STUDIES show those solutions in action…


Proposal of VEQTA services issued.


Client assessment and acceptance.


Translation, Editing and Proofreading.


Delivery via email or download link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected our answers to the most common questions about translation and interpreting services. 


The best way is to email us the available source so the wordcount can be assessed. If the source is not available you may send a sample or let us know an estimated wordcount and we can give you an estimated price.


The firm quotation is based on the final version of the source file. Large files (over 10 MB) can be sent via a site like or drop box. If we receive a PDF (or image format) we need to know if the original editable source that the PDF was created in will be sent to us prior to handoff. E.g. InDesign, Doc or PowerPoint. This information will enable us to provide you with an accurate quotation faster.

The translation price is based on number of words or characters in the source. Each language pair has it’s own rate per source word or character. Desktop Publishing work is based on number pages and depends on formatting requirements. Voice-over is based on minutes of the audio or video.

Simply email the source material to us and you will receive a quick reply. You are more than welcome to call us to discuss but the absolute fastest method to obtaining a quotation is to email us the project details and source/sample.

A translator can translate around 2500 to 3500 words per day and an editor can edit around 4000 words per working day. Once we received the source we will provide you with an estimated delivery time.

How long is a piece of string? A page can contain a handful of words, e.g. a PowerPoint presentation. A single page for Terms &  Conditions for an insurance company in Calibri font size 5  could fit over 3500 words. The number of man-hours for the work would be different. Therefore quoting by the number of words is more accurate when scoping the project.

The Project Manager & translator/editor. All staff members are under NDA compliance and we can sign an NDA with your company prior to receiving any source material for quotation. We can comply with individual’s companies’ data protection policies as required.

Payment is payable via bank transfer or credit card payment. Payment terms depends on the scope of the project and your company, contact us for details.

We recommend that you wait to give us a go-ahead with the translation until the source files are final. If you know the source sent to us is not the latest version, but you would like to save time by making a start on it, we strongly recommend discussing the anticipated source change with us first. Oftentimes it ends up being faster to wait until the original source has been finalized before sending it to us. For quotation purposes, sending a draft version is a good way to receive an estimate while the file is being finalized on your side.

We adhere to localization best practices and utilize so called CAT Tools and Translation Memories. We have processes for comparing source differences and depending on the nature of the change we will isolate the new words and charge for the new words only if feasible. If there is an overall update with source structure change and edits and deletions we may revert to an hourly charge.

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