Market Research Translation Project for Kantar TNS Global

Market Research: Kantar TNS Malaysia Translation Case Study

Kantar TNS Malaysia is a market research company that required market research translation services.

Kantar TNS Global Malaysia is regarded as one of the most experienced market research companies in Malaysia. The company has 40 years’ experience in providing a range of market research services for the world’s leading multinational brands as well as local Malaysian companies. The company tailors its approach to the need of its clients and has pioneered the field of both quantitative and qualitative research providing invaluable powerful insights to its client-base.


Kantar Malaysia is part of a global network that spans across 80 countries bringing actionable local market knowledge from any part of the world to the clients’ targeted local customer base Find out more about VEQTA’s translation solutions for marketing.


Market Research Translation Project:

Kantar approached VEQTA in need of help with localization and translation of  a market research investigation. The company was in the process of conducting research across Thailand, Malaysia Indonesia and China to understand feeding habits among babies, toddlers and kids below 6 years old.


Its participants were in the progress of recording precisely what they fed their children every day for 3 days as well as documenting activities and habits.


The comprehensive study enabled Kantar’s client to understand what mothers feed their baby / toddler / kid (both drinks and foods) and why they are feeding these in respective locale and country. This helped both the client’s marketeers and product research department better appeal to mothers, understand cultural differences and how to support mothers and fulfil their needs.


Each participant provided invaluable insight and contribution to their nation-wide study per country.

How our Team Helped:

Market Research Translation of material:

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Diaries
  • Code lists pertaining to operations and food processing
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Policy Documents

Language Pairs:

Kantar TNS global

Kantar Group is one of the world’s leading data, market

insight & consultancy companies. The Group of companies employs some 30,000 personnel and operates in over 100 countries worldwide.


The Kantar Group is regularly employed by Fortune 500 companies

to provide powerful in in-depth primary market research of any region

of the world for cultural, consumer, financial or political, insights.

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