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Neural Machine Translation Services

Neural Machine Translation  – NMT Service 

At VEQTA Translations, our Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology is crafted with unparalleled flexibility, harnessing the power of continuous learning from a vast array of multilingual data spanning numerous industries, such as gaming.


This ensures our NMT services are not just precise but are finely tuned to meet the unique demands of specific sectors and content types. Our advanced NMT systems are built upon revolutionary Transformer models, renowned for their adeptness at navigating the complexities of language translation. These models excel in capturing the subtle contextual nuances essential for delivering translations that resonate on a human level. 


Our bespoke NMT solutions seamlessly integrate into an array of translation management systems (TMS), computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, and other linguistic service products. This integration provides a foundation for efficient, accurate translation services tailored to our clients’ needs. The inherent scalability and adaptability of our NMT technology make it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications, from real-time communication aids to the meticulous translation of complex documents across diverse sectors. 


A cornerstone of our service is the continuous improvement cycle embedded within our NMT systems. This dynamic learning process enables our technology to evolve by assimilating feedback and new information, guaranteeing that our translations become progressively more precise and contextually relevant.


At VEQTA Translations, we’re committed to delivering state-of-the-art machine translation services that evolve alongside your business, ensuring linguistic accuracy and relevance that stand the test of time. With VEQTA Translations, empower your global communication with the cutting-edge precision of Neural Machine Translation. 


The NMT Process  


This workflow outlines the comprehensive process involved in neural machine translation, including pre-processing, actual translation, post-editing by human linguists, and integration with CAT tools used by human translators for a refined output. Depending on specific needs, some steps may require more focus or adaptation to fit particular projects or languages. 


The description is a bit technical in nature, we provide this information for service transparency and this information is also aimed towards clients IT departments who may require a detailed breakdown. 


  1. Pre-Processing Steps

1.1. Text Extraction 

  • Extract text from various sources (documents, web pages, etc.) to prepare it for translation.
    • Tools/Methods: Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanned documents, web scrapers for online content, and file parsing for digital documents.

1.2. Text Normalization 

  • Standardize text data (e.g., converting dates and currencies, correcting spelling).
    • Tools/Methods: Implement scripts or use pre-built tools for normalization tasks.

1.3. Sentence Segmentation 

  • Break down the text into manageable sentences or segments for easier processing.
  • Tools/Methods: Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries like NLTK, spaCy.

1.4. Tokenization 

  • Split sentences into words or tokens to analyze the text structure.
  • Tools/Methods: Employ NLP libraries for tokenization.

1.5. Part-of-Speech Tagging 

  • Assign parts of speech to each word (noun, verb, adjective, etc.), helping the model understand context.
  • Tools/Methods: Utilize *NLP libraries equipped with POS tagging.
  1. Neural Machine Translation

2.1. Choosing a Model 

  • We decide on a specific NMT model based on the language pair and domain.
  • Tools/Methods: Options include Transformer models, *RNNs, or services like RWS, DeepL, Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate, Google Translate API.

2.2. Training/Adapting the Model (if necessary) 

  • For custom solutions, train or fine-tune the model with domain-specific datasets.
  • Tools/Methods: Use deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.

2.3. Translation 

  • Perform the actual translation of the pre-processed text.
  • Tools/Methods: Run the text through the chosen NMT model.

  1. Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

3.1. Initial Quality Check 

  • Assess the translation’s initial quality, looking for glaring errors or mistranslations.
  • Tools/Methods: Manual review or automated quality assurance tools.

3.2. Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) 

  • Edit and refine the machine-generated translation to meet quality standards.
  • Tools/Methods: Human translators make adjustments, aided by CAT tools for efficiency.

  1. Integration with CAT Tools

4.1. Importing Translation into CAT Tool 

  • Load the machine-translated text into a CAT tool for further processing.
  • Tools/Methods: Use popular CAT tools like SDL Trados, MemoQ, or Across.

4.2. Leveraging Translation Memories 

4.3. Terminology Management 

  • Ensure consistent use of terminology across the translation.
  • Tools/Methods: Use the terminology management features of CAT tools.

  1. Final Quality Assurance

5.1. Proofreading 

  • Conduct a final review of the translation for any remaining errors or inconsistencies.
  • Tools/Methods: Manual review by a second translator or editor.

5.2. Validation 

  • Confirm that the translation meets all specified requirements and quality standards.
  • Tools/Methods: Checklist-based validation or client review.

  1. Delivery

6.1. Formatting and Layout Adjustment 

  • Ensure the translated document matches the original’s formatting and layout.
  • Tools/Methods: Desktop publishing tools or manual adjustment.

6.2. Delivery to Client 

  • Send the finalized translation to the client in their preferred format.
  • Tools/Methods: Email, cloud storage, or a client portal.


Document Translation

Professional document translation helps your business communicate clearly and efficiently with your team and customers. We're adept at translating general business papers, specialized scientific content (including technical terms), and industry-specific materials. VEQTA’s content translation services not only focus on technical translation but also on adapting content to resonate with the target audience. Our expertise ensures that every translation maintains its original intent while bridging cultural and linguistic gaps.

Desktop Publishing Translation

Translating content is only half the battle. We're here to ensure your content not only reads right but looks impeccable. How it's presented visually can make or break your global communication efforts. That's why our Multilingual Desktop Publishing team couples linguistic expertise with design proficiency. We adapt layouts, images, fonts, and more, ensuring that your materials resonate with your target audience, both linguistically and aesthetically.

eLearning Translation

VEQTAs eLearning localization is a meticulous process that ensures your course materials resonate with learners from various backgrounds. Leveraging platforms like Articulate Storyline, our approach localizes text, the backbone of any educational module, multimedia elements, graphics, video and audio clips and carefully adapts it to maintain its original intent while catering to a diverse audience.

Interpretation Translation

VEQTA offers premier interpretation services tailored to the unique demands of international conferences and business meetings. Whether you're hosting a global summit or negotiating a cross-border deal, our interpreters are at the forefront, ensuring every word spoken resonates with clarity and authenticity.

Linguistic Assessment Translation

VEQTA can perform independent reviews of legacy translations for evaluation purposes or to improve accuracy of legacy translation by combining it with post-editing. Older translations can often benefit from a fresh pair of expert eyes to ensure they meet the most relevant terminologies and linguistic standards. VEQTA recognizes this need and offers a comprehensive linguistic review service tailored to breathe new life into your legacy content.

Localization Governance Translation

VEQTA offers a unique Localization Governance Service that melds top-tier consultation with impeccable translation flow management. We work closely with businesses to deeply understand their localization and translation needs. Through our bespoke localization consultation, we offer insights, strategies, and solutions tailored to each business's unique challenges and objectives.

Subtitle Translation

Our team of linguistic experts and subtitling professionals creates subtitling services that are accurate in translation and precise in timing. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the length, reading speed, and synchronization of subtitles align perfectly with the on-screen visuals and audio cues.

Transcription Translation

Our team of seasoned transcriptionists is trained to decipher varied accents, dialects, and speech nuances, ensuring that the essence of the spoken content is maintained in its written form. The transcription process at VEQTA Translations is bolstered by state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to handle large volumes of audio and video files while maintaining a quick turnaround time.

Voiceover Translation

VEQTA Translations can deliver complete and professional multilingual audio and video production services. Our turnkey voiceover dubbing services encompasses everything from script translation and adaptation to casting the right voice talents, ensuring a perfect match. VEQTA’s studio is equipped with cutting-edge technology, facilitating pristine audio quality and seamless post audio engineering and synchronization with on-screen visuals.

Website Translation

Our website translation services encompass a comprehensive range of features, from linguistics to website elements. We expertly handle code tag protected variables, graphics—whether static images or animations. A significant aspect of our services lies in ensuring flawless operability for non-Latin-based languages. Beyond mere translation, we emphasize local relevance by incorporating local terminology and expressions. We have a rich history of translating industry-specific content, with specialties in areas like manufacturing, software, tourism, and retail.


VEQTA Translations offers turnkey translation and comprehensive localization solutions in over 200 languages, ensuring content adaptation for diverse audiences. Our team consists of native speakers skilled in various domains. Beyond mere text, we handle everything from website localization to video subtitling, ensuring brand consistency. Our certified linguists undergo rigorous vetting to guarantee top-quality results. Our multimedia adaptations and desktop publishing services maintain the original feel of your materials. Each project is overseen by a dedicated manager to ensure timely delivery and consistent quality. With VEQTA, you receive a streamlined, professional service catered to all your translation needs. We offer transparent and competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

VEQTA is a member of both the ATA (American Translators Association) and CATI (Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters). All of VEQTA’s translators hold professional certifications based on language and country, such as the ITBM certificate for Bahasa Malay. VEQTA employs only native-speaking translators who possess a Bachelor’s Degree and have passed rigorous language testing programs. Every translator has a minimum of 5 years of experience, while our editors boast experience ranging from 9 to 17 years.

All project-related communication is channeled through the assigned Project Manager. This ensures streamlined and efficient communication, as the Project Manager serves as a central point of contact. Our translators might not be located in your locale, may operate in different time zones, and given that projects often involve multiple languages, it’s most efficient to have all communications pass through the Project Manager. However, if there’s a pressing need for direct communication with a translator, such as discussing specifics in the target language, we can facilitate a video conference call to address your concerns.

After the project has been scoped, quoted, and handed off, the source material is prepared by the Project Manager and assigned to the translators. The translation undergoes a three-step process: Translation, Editing, and Proofreading, all performed by human translators and editors. If ordered, Desktop Publishing is carried out, followed by a final QA check before delivery. After delivery, the team remains available to address any additional requirements.

Yes, service customization is available and can be tailored based on your specific needs


Yes, at VEQTA, each client is assigned both an account manager and a project manager.


At VEQTA, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of our clients’ information above all else. To begin with, all of our staff and translators are bound by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that protect your data and any associated intellectual property. Furthermore, we adhere to global data protection standards, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which ensures that personal data is handled with the utmost care and respect for individual rights. Any data shared with us is encrypted, stored securely, and is accessible only to those directly involved in the project. With these measures in place, our clients can be assured that their confidential information remains private and protected throughout our collaboration.

VEQTA’s quality assurance process is multifaceted and meticulously implemented throughout the entire project life cycle, catering to diverse project needs, be it straightforward transcription, multi-language tasks, or multimedia deliverables. Central to our translation excellence is the delineation of the process into three distinct phases: Translation, Editing, and Proofreading.

Each phase is managed by linguists who specialize in their respective areas.


Yet, our quality assurance doesn’t end there. We utilize software-enabled platforms to run QA reports on all finalized texts. For instance, these tools can detect if a single source term has received multiple translations. Any discrepancies are flagged and sent back to our editors for review. The Project Manager collaborates closely with VEQTA’s QA staff, ensuring that QA reports have been thoroughly conducted. They also ensure that all deliverables adhere to given guidelines, such as the reference observance, utilization of legacy Translation Memories, and the overall accuracy and completeness of the final products.

Yes, for our repeat clients, one of the advantages of partnering with VEQTA is the complimentary creation and maintenance of a Translation Memory. This memory retains the legacy translations we’ve completed for you previously. Utilizing the Translation Memory enables our editors to ensure consistent translations, simplify version control, and offer a range of quality assurance benefits. This service is provided at no additional cost as part of our translation offerings.

Yes, you can review some of our client case studies in the ‘Case Study’ section. We understand that, due to the intangible nature of translation services, it’s challenging for requestors to anticipate the outcomes. To address this concern, we’re pleased to offer a complimentary test translation using an extract from your text, approximately 300 words in length, for evaluation purposes.