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Chinese Translations Services

We provide English to Chinese translation by certified Chinese translators with years of experience. Our Chinese translation services is done with utmost professionalism and accuracy that not translates the source but conveys the true meaning of the content. Our Chinese translators have native-language proficiency and well-versed in subject matters relating to specific industries such as Marketing, I.T, Legal, Tourism & Travel and more. Our translators are based both in Malaysia and in Singapore.


VEQTA Translations is a language service provider in Malaysia that can provide localization and translation into most commercial languages. We have subject matter experts available for perfect Chinese translation for most major industries. We adhere to localization best practices such as style guides, glossaries, CAT Tools and full quality assurance processes. Our clients from Selangor, Johor, Sabah, Penang and Singapore rely on us for a high quality and accurate Chinese translations of all types of documents and content.


Check out the Voicebank portfolio from our Chinese VoiceTalent Translators.

The Huge Demand for Chinese Translations Services

Simplified Chinese, widely known as Mandarin, stands as one of the world’s most spoken languages, with well over a billion native speakers in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong Taiwan and so many overseas communities.


Traditional Chinese is the official language of Hong Kong and also used in Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese (also known as Guoyu or Putonghua) and Taiwanese Hokkien is the official languages of Taiwan.


The Chinese language’s global prominence extends beyond sheer numbers, as it plays a pivotal role in international business and communication. The demand for Simplified Chinese translation services has experienced a remarkable upsurge across diverse sectors, driven by China’s economic prowess and global influence.


China’s rapid economic growth and its status as a major player in international trade and diplomacy have made it an indispensable market for businesses worldwide. As a result, the demand for English to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) translation and vice versa has surged significantly, spanning various domains.


The need for Mandarin Chinese translation services extends to a multitude of areas, such as:


Corporate Communication: Companies operating in or dealing with China require translation services for corporate documents, internal communications, and external correspondence to facilitate effective communication with Chinese partners, clients, and employees.


Market Expansion: Businesses seeking to enter the Chinese market rely on Mandarin Chinese translation for marketing materials, product descriptions, and e-commerce platforms to reach and engage with Chinese consumers effectively.


Legal and Compliance: Cross-border legal matters, contracts, regulatory documents, and compliance reports often necessitate accurate translation into Mandarin to ensure legal and regulatory adherence.


International Relations: Diplomatic relations, international agreements, and treaties require translation into Mandarin for effective communication and negotiations with Chinese counterparts.


Education and Training: Educational institutions and organizations providing training programs often require Mandarin Chinese translation services to adapt their curriculum and training materials for Chinese learners.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Translation is vital for clinical trials, medical records, medical tourism, pharmaceutical labeling, and regulatory submissions to navigate China’s healthcare landscape.


Travel and Tourism: The tourism industry depends on Mandarin Chinese translation services for travel guides, brochures, and online content to cater to the growing number of Chinese speaking travelers.


Media and Entertainment: Film, television, and streaming platforms require translation for subtitles, dubbing, and content localization to appeal to Mandarin-speaking audiences.


Technology and Software: IT companies rely on Mandarin translation to localize software, mobile apps, and technical documentation to penetrate the Chinese market.


The demand for Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) translation services continues to rise across a wide spectrum of sectors, driven by China’s economic significance and global reach. Whether it’s facilitating business communication, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, or expanding market presence, accurate Mandarin translation services are essential for achieving success in today’s interconnected world.


As China’s influence continues to expand, the need for proficient Mandarin Chinese translation services remains a critical component of international engagement and business growth.

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So wait, what is the difference between Mandarin and Simplified Chinese?

This is one of the most common questions VEQTA receives from clients.


  • Mandarin: This refers to the spoken language and is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect.
  • Simplified Chinese: This refers to a writing system reform that simplified the characters used in written Chinese. It is used mainly in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese communities still use traditional Chinese characters


Mandarin is a spoken language, and it is one of the many dialects or variations of the Chinese language. Mandarin is the most widely spoken and standardized form of spoken Chinese and serves as the official language of China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations.


Simplified Chinese, on the other hand, is a writing system reform that as introduced in Mainland China in the mid-20th century. It primarily involves simplifying the characters used in written Chinese, making them easier to write and read compared to the traditional Chinese characters. Simplified Chinese is mainly used in Mainland China and Singapore, while Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese communities still use traditional Chinese characters.


It’s important to note that other Chinese dialects, such as Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Hokkien, are also spoken in different regions of China. The choice of written script (simplified or traditional Chinese characters) can vary depending on the region and cultural background.


VEQTAs project management team is able to provide guidance to make sure the right language is translated for the targeted locale, get in touch today!

We approach Chinese translation by a proven 3 step process for best result and consistent quality:

Chinese Main Translation Phase

Our native Chinese translators will be assigned on the project according to their experience with similar content. We only use experienced native translators who have been thoroughly vetted by language testing proficiency tests.

Chinese Editing

Once the translation has passed certain quality criteria, it’s passed to the Editor. The Chinese Editor is a senior translator who will go through and polish the text, e.g correcting syntax, grammar and flow.

Chinese Proof checking

As a final quality assurance step, we will go through the Chinese documents again to give it an overall quality check, check on typos, any missing content and correct any inconsistencies in the translation.

We can provide Chinese translation integrated into your marketing material, online platform, website, portal or system.

Chinese Language Expertise
Chinese Language Expertise

Chinese language translation requires Subject Matter Expertise for a perfect result.

We provide Chinese terminology experts who has worked in a related field of the source material in Chinese.

Chinese Voice Dubbing
Chinese Voice dubbing

Voice over in Chinese language and an array accents and other languages for cold or hot recording for broadcasting, e-learning modules or voice or video translation for corporate use.

Chinese Marketing Translation
Chinese Marketing Translation

Chinese is an important language to consider for translation of your marketing material.

A high quality translation will give you the maximum impact of your marketing material!

We can provide Chinese translation integrated into your marketing material, online platform, website, portal or system.

A dedicated team of Chinese translators who combines Experience, Specialized Subject Matter Expertise with Translation Practices to deliver quality second to none.

English to Chinese and Chinese to English language Services:

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