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French Translation Services

French Translation Services

We provide English to French translation services by certified French translators with years of experience. Our translation is done with utmost professionalism and accuracy that not translates the source but conveys the true meaning of the content. Our French translators have native-language proficiency and well-versed in subject matters relating to specific industries such as Marketing, I.T, Legal, Tourism & Travel and more. Our translators are based both in Malaysia and in Singapore.


VEQTA Translations is a language service provider in Malaysia that can provide localization and translation into most commercial languages. We have subject matter experts available for perfect French translation for most major industries. We adhere to localization best practices such as styleguides, glossaries, CAT Tools and full quality assurance processes. Our clients from Selangor, Johor, Sabah, Penang and Singapore rely on us for a high quality and accurate French translation of all types of documents and content.

We approach French translation by a proven 3 step process for best result and consistent quality:

French Main Translation Phase

Our native French translators will be assigned on the project according to their experience with similar content. We only use experienced native translators who have been thoroughly vetted by language testing proficiency tests.

French Editing

Once the translation has passed certain quality criteria, it’s passed to the Editor. The French Editor is a senior translator who will go through and polish the text, e.g correcting syntax, grammar and flow.

French Proof checking

As a final quality assurance step, we will go through the French documents again to give it an overall quality check, check on typos, any missing content and correct any inconsistencies in the translation.

We can provide French translation integrated into your marketing material, online platform, website, portal or system.

French Language Expertise
French Language Expertise

French language translation requires Subject Matter Expertise for a perfect result.

We provide French terminology experts who has worked in a related field of the source material in French.

French Voice Dubbing
French Voice dubbing

Voice over in French language and an array accents and other languages for cold or hot recording for broadcasting, e-learning modules or voice or video translation for corporate use.

French Marketing Translation
French Marketing Translation

French is an important language to consider for translation of your marketing material.

A high quality translation will give you the maximum impact of your marketing material!

We can provide French translation integrated into your marketing material, online platform, website, portal or system.

A dedicated team of French translators who combines Experience, Specialized Subject Matter Expertise with Translation Practices to deliver quality second to none.

English to French and French to English language Services:

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