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Translation and Localization for the Retail & E-Commerce Industry


At VEQTA Translations, we offer specialized localization and translation solutions tailored to the unique needs and nuances of each industry. Our team of expert linguists and industry professionals ensures that your content is not only accurately translated but culturally adapted for global success.

Banking & Finance Translation Solutions

We provide precise translation services for the banking and finance sector, ensuring that financial documents, reports, and communications are accurately localized to meet regulatory and industry standards. Our linguists are well-versed in financial terminology to guarantee the accuracy and confidentiality required in this sector.

Blockchain & Fintech Translation Solutions

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and fintech, we offer translation services that adapt your content to international markets while staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Our expertise in cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and blockchain technology ensures that your message remains cutting-edge.

Cyber Security Translation Solutions

For the critical field of cybersecurity, our translation solutions maintain the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality. We specialize in translating security protocols, threat assessments, and compliance documents to ensure that your cybersecurity message is globally understood and secure.

E-Learning Translation Solutions

Our e-learning translation services make educational content accessible and engaging for learners worldwide. We adapt corporate training materials. curriculum materials, online courses, and multimedia content to cater to diverse audiences, enhancing the global reach of your educational initiatives.

Education Translation Solutions

We specialize in providing comprehensive translation and localization services tailored to the unique needs of the education sector. Our services ensure that educational institutions, publishers, e-learning platforms, and test conduct services like TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge can deliver high-quality, accessible content to students and educators worldwide.

Energy Translation Solutions

In the energy sector, we facilitate effective communication across borders by translating technical documents, environmental reports, and energy policy materials. Our translations help you navigate the global energy landscape with precision and clarity.

Engineering Translation Solutions

For engineering projects that cross international boundaries, our translation services ensure that technical specifications, blueprints, and documentation are accurately localized. We enable seamless collaboration on complex engineering endeavors.

Food & Beverage Translation Solutions

In the food and beverage industry, our translations capture the essence of your culinary offerings while complying with labeling regulations. We adapt menus, packaging, and marketing materials to tantalize taste buds around the world.

Gaming Translation Solutions

We specialize in translating MMORPG, RPGs mobile apps, and gaming content to create immersive experiences for players across cultures. Our linguistic and cultural expertise enhances player engagement and game success.

Hotel & Travel Translation Solutions

VEQTA Translations, with its commitment to quality and cultural sensitivity is available to translate your content for the hospitality industry addressing its diverse translation needs targeting different communication channels and locales. The hospitality industry is diverse, comprising various entities such as boutique hotels, resorts, outbound and inbound tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, ticketing booking systems and accommodation providers.

Insurance & Life Translation Solutions

For the insurance and life insurance sector, our translations ensure that policy documents, claims, and marketing materials are comprehensible and compliant. We help you build trust and deliver peace of mind to a global clientele.

IT, Software & Application Translation Solutions

In the fast-paced world of technology, we offer translation solutions that adapt your software, applications, and IT documentation to diverse markets. Our services ensure seamless user experiences and expanded market reach.

Japanese Manga Translation Solutions

We can work directly with the graphics source and deliver the pages in high-resolution TIFF formats prepared for print and provide a fully localized monochrome or coloured illustrations based on your preferences.

Legal Translation Solutions

Our legal translation services guarantee precise and confidential translations of legal documents, contracts, and court materials. We enable legal professionals to navigate international jurisdictions with confidence.

Life Sciences Translation Solutions

In life sciences, accuracy is paramount. We provide translation services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and clinical trial documentation, ensuring that healthcare solutions reach patients worldwide

Manufacturing Translation Solutions

Our translation solutions for manufacturing encompass technical manuals, product specifications, and manufacturing processes. We facilitate global production and quality control with precise translations.


VEQTA specializes in translating marketing materials and transcreation for all commercial industry fields. We ensure that every phrase in your marketing materials touch hearts and conveys your company’s brands and ideas suitable for your marketing channels and target audience.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation Solutions

We specialize in translating medical content, pharmaceutical documents, and healthcare communications. Our translations ensure that medical professionals and patients worldwide have access to accurate healthcare information

Mining & Resource Translation Solutions

For the mining and resource industry, our translations cover geological reports, safety protocols, and resource exploration documents. We support sustainable resource development on a global scale.

NGO Translation Solutions

Our NGO translation services enable nonprofit organizations to effectively communicate their missions and initiatives across borders. We provide translations for advocacy materials, project documentation, and fundraising campaigns.

Retail & e-Commerce Translation Solutions

In the competitive world of retail and e-commerce, our translations make your products and services accessible to global consumers. We adapt websites, product descriptions, and marketing content for diverse markets.

Sports Translation Solutions

We provide sports translation services for sports organizations, athletes, and sports-related content. Our translations capture the excitement and passion of sports while ensuring accurate communication among international audiences.


VEQTA Translations offers turnkey translation and comprehensive localization solutions in over 200 languages, ensuring content adaptation for diverse audiences. Our team consists of native speakers skilled in various domains. Beyond mere text, we handle everything from website localization to video subtitling, ensuring brand consistency. Our certified linguists undergo rigorous vetting to guarantee top-quality results. Our multimedia adaptations and desktop publishing services maintain the original feel of your materials. Each project is overseen by a dedicated manager to ensure timely delivery and consistent quality. With VEQTA, you receive a streamlined, professional service catered to all your translation needs. We offer transparent and competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

VEQTA is a member of both the ATA (American Translators Association) and CATI (Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters). All of VEQTA’s translators hold professional certifications based on language and country, such as the ITBM certificate for Bahasa Malay. VEQTA employs only native-speaking translators who possess a Bachelor’s Degree and have passed rigorous language testing programs. Every translator has a minimum of 5 years of experience, while our editors boast experience ranging from 9 to 17 years.

All project-related communication is channeled through the assigned Project Manager. This ensures streamlined and efficient communication, as the Project Manager serves as a central point of contact. Our translators might not be located in your locale, may operate in different time zones, and given that projects often involve multiple languages, it’s most efficient to have all communications pass through the Project Manager. However, if there’s a pressing need for direct communication with a translator, such as discussing specifics in the target language, we can facilitate a video conference call to address your concerns.

After the project has been scoped, quoted, and handed off, the source material is prepared by the Project Manager and assigned to the translators. The translation undergoes a three-step process: Translation, Editing, and Proofreading, all performed by human translators and editors. If ordered, Desktop Publishing is carried out, followed by a final QA check before delivery. After delivery, the team remains available to address any additional requirements.

Yes, service customization is available and can be tailored based on your specific needs


Yes, at VEQTA, each client is assigned both an account manager and a project manager.


At VEQTA, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of our clients’ information above all else. To begin with, all of our staff and translators are bound by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that protect your data and any associated intellectual property. Furthermore, we adhere to global data protection standards, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which ensures that personal data is handled with the utmost care and respect for individual rights. Any data shared with us is encrypted, stored securely, and is accessible only to those directly involved in the project. With these measures in place, our clients can be assured that their confidential information remains private and protected throughout our collaboration.

VEQTA’s quality assurance process is multifaceted and meticulously implemented throughout the entire project life cycle, catering to diverse project needs, be it straightforward transcription, multi-language tasks, or multimedia deliverables. Central to our translation excellence is the delineation of the process into three distinct phases: Translation, Editing, and Proofreading.

Each phase is managed by linguists who specialize in their respective areas.


Yet, our quality assurance doesn’t end there. We utilize software-enabled platforms to run QA reports on all finalized texts. For instance, these tools can detect if a single source term has received multiple translations. Any discrepancies are flagged and sent back to our editors for review. The Project Manager collaborates closely with VEQTA’s QA staff, ensuring that QA reports have been thoroughly conducted. They also ensure that all deliverables adhere to given guidelines, such as the reference observance, utilization of legacy Translation Memories, and the overall accuracy and completeness of the final products.

Yes, for our repeat clients, one of the advantages of partnering with VEQTA is the complimentary creation and maintenance of a Translation Memory. This memory retains the legacy translations we’ve completed for you previously. Utilizing the Translation Memory enables our editors to ensure consistent translations, simplify version control, and offer a range of quality assurance benefits. This service is provided at no additional cost as part of our translation offerings.

Yes, you can review some of our client case studies in the ‘Case Study’ section. We understand that, due to the intangible nature of translation services, it’s challenging for requestors to anticipate the outcomes. To address this concern, we’re pleased to offer a complimentary test translation using an extract from your text, approximately 300 words in length, for evaluation purposes.