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Malay Translation Services

Malay Translation Services

We provide professional English to Malay translation services. VEQTA currently have over 400 native speaking Bahasa Malay translators ready to provide you with a top-notch translation quality. Our English editors have the skills to seamlessly translate Malay to English with a perfect result.


The translator is assigned to your project in accordance to the subject of the source text. This enables us to provide a high-quality Malay translation service, fit for corporations, businesses, NGOs or institutes. Each linguist specialize within a designated field of translation to make sure they are familiar with the required terminology of the subject matter e.g. Marketing, I.T, Technology, Legal, Finances, Travel Hospitality, Oil and Gas and so forth. We always assign both a translator and an editor which is considered a best practice within the localization industry to ensure a perfect result.


Translating Malay (Melayu) language, Bahasa Malay or just abbreviated ‘BM’ as it’s often referred to in Malaysia, is relatively straightforward in comparison to other languages. Today it’s estimated Malay is spoken by over 290 million in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore, making it in the list of top 10 languages spoken in the world!


Malay is remotely related to English and origins in the Austronesian family of languages. The Malay standardized official alphabet is called Rumi and consists of 26 Latin-based characters that work well for localization on various program platforms, documents, subtitles, websites or media. VEQTA Translations can provide English to Malay translation or Malay to English or other combinations.


VEQTA Translations makes use of best localization practices to provide an accurate BM to English translation which is relevant to the specific target audience in different industry fields; our best practices involve using senior translators to translate English to BM and Subject-Matter Experts with both local and international experience for global solutions suited for clients and customers worldwide

Our certified Malay to English translators.

Our translators are qualified to translate English to Malay at a professional level and they all have formal qualifications in translation or language studies and are certified from either ITBM or MTA (Malaysian Translators Association).

How to be a certified translator in Malaysia?

The ITBM is a translators association managed by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia and functions as a training center and linguistic resource center for languages and skills improvement for Malay translators, editors, interpreters and professional language providers. All our Malay translators are certified by either ITBM or the PPM/MTA, organizations that regulate Malay translations. Translators providing Malay translation services may have formal academic degree qualifications in relevant fields such as Translation Studies, applied linguistics in Bahasa Malay, dialectology (the study of dialects), phonetics, grammar, syntax, and computational linguistics.

Professional Malay editors including linguists that translate Malay to Chinese or BM to Mandarin or other languages than English, often have additional industry experience in the actual topic and have studied the subject and topic of the source text writing and knows definitions of both common words and correct linguist industry technical terminologies. The relevant industry experience enables the translator to apply the correct tone and style, understand the jargon and industry terms needed, and knowledge of which lexicons or industry terminology references to use before providing an English to Malay translation online.

All these factors create a high-quality outcome which makes the translation relevant and facilitates the clients’ communication – or access to the intended market.

Some of these include industry references and dictionaries published by the National Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) which is a Government body in Malaysia responsible for coordination and best use of Bahasa Malay and literature in Malaysia. More information on best practices of Malay terminology management and term-base and glossary creation.

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English to Malay Translation

Our translation firm in Kuala Lumpur has a wealth of experience providing Malay translation services and Malay localization for businesses, Governments, non-profit organizations, corporations, institutes, NGOs, , firms and organizations across all major industries such as Tourism, Travel, Hospitality, Marketing, Advertising, Medical, Legal, IT, Heavy Industries, Manufacturing, Engineering, Food Industry, Aviation, Automotive. The team provides professional document translation services including translation of corporate agreements, legal content, court material such as witness testimonials, pharmaceutical content, marketing plans, websites, content for manufacturing and heavy industries such as mining, steel processing, oil and gas or railways, and Safety Data Documentation (SDS).

Our translation agency in Malaysia translate a lot of content in Malay for the Information Technology industry (I.T, SAP, ERP, Cloud-based software) as well as content for Human Resources, financial translation services, Accounting, Travel and the Hospitality industry. Our linguists are terminology Subject Matter Experts (SME) and we use quality assurance tools to manage consistency of translation as well as industry terminology references and purpose-built glossaries and style guides with jargon terms or phrases.

All our language professionals have been carefully vetted through rigorous language testing programs. They all hold formal academic qualifications with a minimum of Bachelor Degree in a related field as well as certification by the ITBM. Our translators in Kuala Lumpur have native language proficiency skills and our translation company observe best practices for all our translation projects. Our translation company in Kuala Lumpur is connected to the vibrant Malay translator community in the heart of Malaysia and together we collaborate with educational providers, corporate clients, NGOs, Universities and research institutes for translation.

We currently have around 420 linguists in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the South East Asian region ready to support your project and deliver a perfect result.

What language do Malaysians speak?

The best translation industry practice for all Malay linguists offering Malay Translation Services and who translate Malay includes the use of CAT Tools (Computer Aided Translation) for a clear and excellent outcome. The CAT tool is software that helps the translator creating a consistent translation by storing translation as segments in a database for ease of retrieval later and for quality checking. Use of CAT Tools is considered best practices because its ability to store translation in so-called Translation Memories gives the best result as the throughput becomes consistent and legacy translation can be applied by the translator to future files for efficient terminology management.

We translate for corporate clients such as Samsung, Canon, Fujitsu, Xerox and other Fortune 500 companies. Our clients come to us for second to none quality which is why we follow a proven 4 step quality assuring processes throughout the whole project lifecycle. Larger companies such as Bank Negara Malaysia which is under our client umbrella may have a more mature approach to their localization process and maintains their own SDL Trados Translation Memory (TM) database in Bahasa Malay.

Read more about our Translation Process for both Malay and all the languages we translate. We are unwavering in our commitment to translation excellence in Malaysia as recently seen in our co-sponsorship of the 16th International Conference (PPA) on Translation which will be held in August 2017. The International Conference on Translation (PPA) is a biannual conference organized by the Universiti Malaya (University of Malaya) in conjunction with the Malaysian Translators Association (MTA), The Malaysian Institute of Translations and Books (ITBM), The Institute of Language and Literature (DBP) and Perbadanan Kota Buku (PKB). VEQTA Translations continues to support the translation industry in Malaysia with translation for corporations while also supporting academic translation, white papers and academic papers such journal articles in the field of science, technology, and medicine.

Malay Internationalization

The process of Malay internationalization (i18) means preparing the website to function properly when translated to another language, in this case Bahasa Malay. It involves analyzing the back-end properties and ensuring any language-specific assumptions in the code are first ‘neutralized’ and prepared for the next step, localization in Malay.

The Malay internationalization process applies to Malay software translation, Malay software testing, and Malay website translation.

Malay localization (L10n)

Malay translations involves making the translation of the application relevant, accurate and successful for the Malay market, backend code support, correct currency calculations, bookings, time and date and display of the Malay characters. Considerations also include international units of measure accepted for use with international system of units (SI) and standardized national measurement systems of Malaysia Cultural appropriateness assessment of the website.

Considering the diversity and rich cultures in Malaysia a skillful and considerate Malay translator may need to be extra vigilant to ensure cultural appropriateness providing you with a Malay translation. The translator role is very important, in fact, a good translation can also translate actions that enhance social understanding and interaction in Malaysia and facilitates public and social understanding, acceptance of people from different culture and practices – which is the social goal of an excellent localization.

As with all languages, it’s therefore crucial the Malay localization is not done on a word by word basis but carries out the knowledge of the complete thought of a sentence to give rightful meaning. When translating for the Malaysia locale the translator needs to consider best practices of Malay linguistics, Malay style guides, Malay grammar and syntax, Malay termbases, Malay lexicons, Malay industry references for an accurate result.

Malay translation services and desktop publishing

  • Providing relevant translated material which provides a great Return on Investment (ROI) and is properly translated and localized for the Malay target market.
  • Translating material in various formats such as PDFs, word, InDesign, illustrator, Spreadsheets and localized graphics.
  • Interactive presentations on platforms such as Captivate, Flash, surveys, and quizzes
  • Authorware presentations with interactive multimedia, subtitles, and audio.
  • Malay interactive media localization

Malay website testing

  • Localizing Malay platforms; HTML web browsers displayed in Malay or more complex platforms such as dynamic database driven Malay content.
  • Best processes for localize Malay eLearning content, SCORM compliant e-learning courses, or Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Localizing and testing your website for Malaysia, language revision, screen capturing and Linguistic Quality Assurance Checking.
  • Malay cultural appropriateness review.

Malay software testing

  • Checking software interface, build authoring environment/instructions, menus.
  • Platforms may be standalone applications, cloud-based software, Software as a service SAAS, plug-ins, third-party script testing.
  • Assessing dynamic and hardcoded literals and resource files such as EXE, DLL, CPP, RC, RC2 etc.
  • Assessment of original files and third-party applications and components.
  • Assessment of test plans and test scripts.
  • Online help source files, RTF, VBS, HTML, XML, UA/UI strings, graphics.
  • Malay usability, review and Functional testing.

Certified Translation in Malaysia

A certified translation in Malaysia of content from English to Bahasa Malay or Bahasa Malay to English refers to content that has been translated by a translator who has obtained a certification from either ITBM (Institut Penterjemahan dan Buku Malaysia) or from PPM/MTA which is the Malaysian Translators Association.

For certified documentation into foreign languages, individual embassies may have their own panel of preferred translators or guidelines which would need to be confirmed with the embassy of that country as it may get updated from year to year.A certified translation can also be a translation provided by a court translator that has been sworn in by a court in Malaysia. The only 2 institutes that have the authorities in Malaysia to issue a seal of translation are the ITB and MTB. The translation received needs to be stamped (embossed) with their seal to be officially certified.

Malay Document Translation

Our suite of services includes translating a vast variety of types of documentation into Malay in specialized fields such as listed below.

Malay Business Documents & Legal:

Our Malay Malay Translation Services of documents include: Administrative documents, arbitration agreement, article of incorporation, business fact sheet, contracts, copyright, contracts for acquisition, deed of trust, employment agreement, general liability, human resource, release of claims, indemnity agreement, independent contractor agreement, insurance documents, joint venture agreement, loan agreements, non-disclosure agreement, partnership agreement, I.T Service Agreement, letter of intent, LLC operating agreement, marketing documentation, mortgage broker documents, sales agreements, non-compete agreements, patents, power of attorney, privacy policy, promissory note, sales of asset schedule, shareholder asset sales, quitclaim deed, terms and conditions, terms of use agreement and warranty deeds.

Documents for Malay Real Estate:

Contract of sale, commercial lease agreement, lease Application, land title, lease application, lease assignment, lease termination, sublease Agreement, tenant removal form, lease renewal and mortgage deed.

Technical translation Services:

Architecture, Blueprints, Code and development documentation, document plan API or SDK Documentation, engine, engineering documents, environmental impact studies, FAQ, fact sheets, installation guide, ISO Documentation, internal development documentation, internet online apps, I.T Manuals, Knowledge-base, operation manuals, product feature documentation, reference guides, release notes, safety data sheets, science, SDS, Service manual, Software Handbook, System administration guide, system overview guide, Troubleshooting documentation, quick start guides, user guides and whitepapers.

Interested in finding out more about how the translators make use of quality assurance tools when they Translate Malay for best terminology management to ensure consistency of translation? Then check the video below:

Financial Translation Services:

Accounting, Annual reports, banking, bank statements, bill of sale, finance, financial statements, IOU, ledgers, loan agreements, offering memorandum, profit and loss statements, promissory note, purchase orders, receipts, stock purchase agreement, tax invoices, warranty bonds.

Medical Translation Services:

Consultation correspondence, cardiology, family medicine, general medicine, healthcare, health information, medical certificates, medical reports, medicine labels, physical exams, physiotherapy, psychiatry, patient and doctor correspondence and medical journals.

Legal Document Translation Services:

We can provide a certified legal translator to translate a number of different types of legal translation and documents, including:

Academic transcripts, affidavits, birth certificates, medical consent, cohabitation agreement, CV, diplomas, divorce decrees, driving licenses, employment application, employment reference letter, ID cards, impediment certificates, job applications, immigration, (NAATI), marriage certificates, no Impediment certificates, no claims certificates, passports, personal letters, police clearance CRBs, Power of Attorney, Purchase Agreement, Resume, proxies and statutory declarations.

We approach Malaysian translation by a proven 3 step process for best result and consistent quality:

Malaysian Main Translation Phase

Our native Malaysian translators will be assigned on the project according to their experience with similar content. We only use experienced native translators who have been thoroughly vetted by language testing proficiency tests.

Malaysian Editing

Once the translation has passed certain quality criteria, it’s passed to the Editor. The Malaysian Editor is a senior translator who will go through and polish the text, e.g correcting syntax, grammar and flow.

Malaysian Proof checking

As a final quality assurance step, we will go through the Malaysian documents again to give it an overall quality check, check on typos, any missing content and correct any inconsistencies in the translation.

We can provide Malaysian translation integrated into your marketing material, online platform, website, portal or system.

Malaysian Language Expertise
Malaysian Language Expertise

Malaysian language translation requires Subject Matter Expertise for a perfect result.

We provide Malaysian terminology experts who has worked in a related field of the source material in Malaysian.

Malaysian Voice Dubbing
Malaysian Voice dubbing

Voice over in Malaysian language and an array accents and other languages for cold or hot recording for broadcasting, e-learning modules or voice or video translation for corporate use.

Malaysian Marketing Translation
Malaysian Marketing Translation

Malaysian is an important language to consider for translation of your marketing material.

A high quality translation will give you the maximum impact of your marketing material!

We can provide Malaysian translation integrated into your marketing material, online platform, website, portal or system.

A dedicated team of Malaysian translators who combines Experience, Specialized Subject Matter Expertise with Translation Practices to deliver quality second to none.

English to Malaysian and Malaysian to English language Services:

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