Technical Document Translation Project for AWP Services (Mondial Assistance Malaysia / Allianz Group.)

The Allianz Group

The Allianz Group takes some 50 million calls and handles over 20 million insurance cases around the world annually That’s the equivalent of assisting 6000 people on average every hour!


The Allianz Group dedicated personnel is fuled by its technology to channel its abilities and business lines. It encompasses a worldwide network of skilled service providers, including:


  • Assistance CRM Security and Tracking Services
  • Automotive Assistance, technicians and mechanics
  • Employment and retirement counsellors
  • Financial Opinions and Assessment
  • Legal advisors
  • Medical Assistance and Assessment
  • Repairmen
  • Social service workers
  • Travel Insurance

Get In Touch

Singpore: +65 6829 7058
Malaysia: +60 3 2776 6812
Thailand: +66 98357 8074