Research Translation Project for CERiA in AIDS

Research Translation: CERiA Translation Case Study

CERiA is a Malaysian research company that required research translation services from VEQTA which they provided.


Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

University Malaya Medical Centre


CERiA was founded in 2007 to better understand and combat the HIV epidemic in Malaysia as well as strengthening the ability to perform HIV related research locally.


Since its establishment Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS in Malaysia has evolved to conduct HIV epidemic research in fields spanning from epidemiology, clinic and laboratory-based research and social behavioural studies.


CERiA collaborates with both local and international institutions and undertakes international collaborative studies on epidemiological and surveys of HIV infections, isolation and characterization of unique HIV-1 recombinants emerging in Malaysia.

Research Translation of Languages:

  • Multi-disciplinary research is conducted to address the major health and social issues associated with the HIV epidemic.
  • HIV research in basic science, epidemiology, clinical and social and behavioral sciences.
  • Consolidate and strengthen the current research infrastructure.
  • Operational research including evidence-based interventions with the objective to establish impact on policy changes required to address the problem of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia.
  • Perform training of a cadre of experts to conduct research locally in medical science, epidemiological, medical policy and intervention research in HIV & AIDS with a focus on connection to substance abuse.
  • Enhancement of research capacity of scientists in conjunction with capable HIV/AIDS research facilities across the globe by mutual collaboration on projects.

How our Translation Team Helped:

About our Client’s Mission

HIV was first diagnosed in Malaysia in 1986 and after 26 years HIV infection remains a serious problem in Malaysia. The Ministry of Health have been documented more than 115,000 cases.


However, during decades of research and diagnosis Malaysia has made significant progress in both scientific and social research within East Asia and Asia Pacific.


  • Interventions to prevent transmission such as introduction of harm reduction strategies for injecting drug users and fee first line antiretroviral treatment has helped tackle the epidemic and research and HIV scientific research in epidemiology and social and behavioral sciences continues to be critical in slowing down and reversing the rate of HIV.
  • The spread of HIV will also be felt on an socio-economic scale with an adverse effect on the progress of the country as such.


The International AIDS Symposium IAS was held in 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which is an annual international conference on:


  • HIV pathogenesis, treatment and prevention
  • Immune Reconstitution Disease in Severely Immuno-deficient AIDS patients commencing HAART


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