ERP Translation Project for Fujitsu Systems Global Solutions Sdn Bhd (FSGS)

VEQTA has extensive experience in localizing client’s customized business processes and workflows within the organization. Whether it’s localizing existing market ready ERP system or new innovation that requires integration with any infrastructure and adapted to any organizational structure, we take a considered approach to any localization and translation project.


Recent projects:


  • Documal SaaS Translation – A Document Management System by Fujitsu
  • English to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) 437 Pages
  • Documal Digitizing Video Documentation
  • English to Vietnamese
  • Localization of PRO-NES ERP software, 50,000 words
  • English to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Translation of ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Business
  • Translation English to Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.


Project Background:


PRO-NES ERP is a widely adapted ERP solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with Japanese know-how across other ASEAN countries. PRO-NES ERP solution integrates production site and management including sales, production, costing and financial modules. The ERP solution is suitable for industries such as plant (chemicals, paint, cosmetics), food industry (beverage and frozen food), machine assembly/electrics and processing (automotive, metal or plastic moudling).


VEQTA translated and localized the ERP multi-language function for Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.


The ERP provides seamless operation support to satisfy the growing demands of global businesses, integrated information and visualization of the organization’s business activity with supply chain integration and advanced reporting tools. The localized system features short lead time implementation and low costs via a cloud-based system to world-wide manufacturers.


This type of localized integrated manufacturing, sales, procurement and finance system is crucial to manufacturing global operations and business as it provides real-time data to management and overcomes the barriers of distance and language and enables quicker and more efficient operations.


ERPs such as PRO-NES that offers support for group companies and can process business data of multiple group companies benefits from having localized multiple currencies, multiple foreign exchange rates and international trade with localized features which meet individual country tax calculation and accounting standard requirement. The localized seamless system enables manufacturers to reduce cost and achieve high profitability and stay abreast with globalization which enables them to remain competitive in their industry.

About Fujitsu Limited & Fujitsu Kansai Systems

Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It’s one of the world’s largest IT services provider measured by IT services revenue (after IBM, HP and Accenture). It’s fortune 500 company employing around 140,000 employees in over 100 countries. Fujitsu listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has an operating income of around 182 billion yen.


Fujitsu predominately makes computing products, but the company and its subsidiaries also offer a diversity of products and services in the areas of personal computing, enterprise computing, mainframe server products, as well as storage products, telecommunications, advanced microelectronics, and air conditioning.

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