Fiscal Report Translation Project For Tiger Balm.

Fiscal Report: Tiger Balm Translation Case Study

Tiger Balm is a pain relieving company that required fiscal report translation services.


Tiger Balm is a renowned pain relieving ointment which was invented by a Chinese herbalist almost a 100 years ago. The formula is of Chinese origin and derives from a unique blend of herbal ingredients. The ointment is a proven remedy for relief of headaches, insect bites, stomach flatulence, stuffy noses, muscle and joints aches.


The formula contains counter-irritant with anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties that springs into action when the balm is gently rubbed into the skin providing instant pain reduction and pain relief to muscles and joints.

How our team helped:

Tiger Balm needed its financial audit reports and financial documents translated and VEQTA Translations were pleased to translate it from Bahasa Malay into English.


The work was carried out in phases: First translation, then followed by editing and thirdly an additional round of proofreading by a native English editor.


Desktop Publishing was also carried out after the material was translated for a perfect result.


The team behind TIGER BALM is known to manufacturing high quality OTC pharmaceutical products. Tiger Balm’s most famed product may be may one of the world’s most acclaimed and well-known pain-relieving ointment. The world famous balm is marketed and available in over 100 countries across the globe.

Tiger Balm is a reputable brand name entrusted by a generations of consumer as providing healing, comfort and care. Over the years, Tiger Balm’s product range has evolved naturally into a range of products such as medicated plasters, medicated oils, skin-creams, medical sprays and gels that treats and provides relief and a of wellness to body and mind.

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