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Why you Need Translation for Your Construction Company

As the owner or a stakeholder in a construction company, you are dedicated to providing sturdy, safe structures for people to live, work and sleep in. When you get to the point in your business where you are able to expand, you want to be able to keep that dedication to providing safe homes, work … Continue reading “Why you Need Translation for Your Construction Company”

Malaysia Desktop Publishing

VEQTA CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR MALAYSIA DESKTOP PUBLISHING NEEDS In the last several decades, desktop publishing in Malaysia has become a very technical process. Once a long, arduous process, desktop publishing is now one of the best ways to design and complete marketing projects for business everywhere. Desktop publishing has increased the capabilities of … Continue reading “Malaysia Desktop Publishing”

Translation for Airline Industry

Since the 1950s, traveling by plane has become more and more popular. The airline industry is a booming success, but it has one problem: it can’t always effectively communicate with its passengers. In March 2017, it was suspected that a language barrier was the root cause of two planes colliding in Spain, and there have … Continue reading “Translation for Airline Industry”

Insurance Companies can Thrive in the Age of Globalization

Insurance is an ever-thriving market that most people have stake in. Insurance, after all, is paid on a set schedule and is there to help when something goes wrong. It can be found in the health, automotive, life, home, and business sectors in one way or another. But as businesses continue to expand, many insurance … Continue reading “Insurance Companies can Thrive in the Age of Globalization”

Financial Translation Services

Financial translation Services Malaysia Money makes the world go round so what is the purpose of a finance translation? You want to be able to communicate your banking information to potential clients. This can change once you start to expand into other countries. It’s important that companies involved in the financial services field or handling … Continue reading “Financial Translation Services”

Translation Rate per Word – Reduce Translation Costs

If you take a moment to learn a bit more about the translation process you will learn what questions to ask in order to reduce the translation cost. Like anything else, the cost of translation services can get expensive so it may be tempting to throw your business materials into google translate or having a … Continue reading “Translation Rate per Word – Reduce Translation Costs”

What is a Styleguide?

Example of Style guide Translator style guides aren’t a new invention. In fact, they’ve been used for centuries. To this day, journalists still refer to their Associated Press style guide to know how to reference or write out certain words or terms. So, it is plain to see that translator guides have stood the test … Continue reading “What is a Styleguide?”

Common Marketing Mistakes

Marketing your business is the best way to let customers know what you have to offer. Unfortunately, companies often make mistakes that can harm their business, especially when they are working in the international market. Here are four of the most common marketing mistakes and how you can avoid making them: #1: NOT MEASURING THE … Continue reading “Common Marketing Mistakes”

How to Select a Translation Agency

As your business expands, you will find the need to translate your materials and website so that you can expand your services or product to other countries. For that reason, you need to know how to choose a translation agency that best fulfills your requirements is of paramount importance. But, what exactly should you look … Continue reading “How to Select a Translation Agency”

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