As the owner or a stakeholder in a construction company, you are dedicated to providing sturdy, safe structures for people to live, work and sleep in.

When you get to the point in your business where you are able to expand, you want to be able to keep that dedication to providing safe homes, work areas, and leisure areas to the people in the country you are expanding to.

Of course, expanding your company to a different country means that you will need to hire workers who live in that area who are skilled and capable to fulfil your company’s mission of quality structure building.

Here are a few reasons you will need translation services when you’re expanding your construction company:

As you start out in a new country, you want to be sure that you are hiring the best and most qualified workers to be a part of your new team. This means that you will need to provide a copy of the application in a language that your target potential employee market can understand.

Your application will often include minimum qualifications, so translating this can help a potential employee seeking construction jobs decide if they are qualified enough for the position. It can also help cut down costs and time for you or a manager in the other country as they won’t have to sift through applications of people who simply aren’t qualified enough.

Pretty much every company out there has its own employee handbook. In some countries, companies are required by law to provide a handbook that explains its expectations for its employees.

Even if you aren’t required to provide a translated version of the handbook for your employees, it is always a good idea. This allows you to specify things like what an employee should and shouldn’t do on company time, how they should behave on job sites, and their benefit information. It will also help you to maintain your brand standards as your company expands to other countries. This will help your customers recognize your company more easily.

So, if you have employees that have been freshly hired in a country that speaks a different language than you do, you need to provide an accurately translated handbook to them so that it reduces negative instances and helps untie your new employees under a common goal.

Construction companies use several pieces of equipment that, when used improperly or unsafely, can lead to injury and even death.

Because safety is such a priority to you when it comes to your customers, it is also likely a priority to you when it comes to your employees. Instead of leaving your safety documents, machinery information, and security protocols untranslated, you should hire a qualified translation and localization company to help make those documents easily understandable to each and every employee, regardless of the language they speak.

Not only should you denote the safety procedures for using construction equipment, but you should also translate your security and safety procedures in case of an emergency on the job site. Who should be called if someone is hurt? How should someone go about submitting a worker’s compensation case when they are hurt on the job? Where should your employees go in the case of a natural disaster?

All of these valid questions should be answered and presented to your employees in a way they can understand. If you don’t translate this information, you could be held liable for injuries that an employee sustained while working with this equipment.

Nothing is more frustrating than being handed information that you can’t understand and being expected to complete a task with that information.

This is how people who speak different languages feel when they are handed blueprints for construction projects that they can’t understand. Translating and localization services go beyond translating words and take into consideration the units of measuring your international employee is used to reading, as well as the language they need to understand the task at hand.

If you don’t make this information clear, your completion date may be pushed back, or you could be left with work that isn’t exactly what you were hoping for.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to localize and translate your information for your construction company. VEQTA can help by making your information and documents understandable in up to 50 languages.

The documents are translated by skilled translators who work and live in your target area. For more information, visit our main site,, today.