Technical Document Translation

The depth, scope, and experience of VEQTA’s professional technical translation services gives our clients a competitive edge by receiving accurate and contemporary translations, unmatched by anyone else in the industry. VEQTA’s technical translation services are grounded in quality translation and in-depth research that enables our translators to properly manage technical content.

At VEQTA Translations, we understand the challenges that come with producing quality technical translations and know the necessary steps of translation to produce a high-quality result. Whether translation is needed for an operator’s manual for a luxury car’s ‘infotainment’ control system, a software user assistance guide for a go-to-market ERP system, or an e-Learning presentation, we at VEQTA can provide quick and accurate results. VEQTA has the professional experience and technology to ensure that the translation and requested conditions are completed and followed to each client’s satisfaction.

Translate Technical English

Scientific language can range anywhere from dry and straightforward to lively and poetic. Sometimes scientific language is full of abstract ideas. Other times, it’s mired in hard facts and boring details. Either way, translating scientific writing to foreign languages requires specific scientific translation services. We make sure your scientific documents make a seamless transition to all the major Asian, European, and Middle Eastern markets. Managing scientific and technical documents is a difficult task. Versioning alone can take months to complete. Now multiply that difficulty when translating to other languages.

Translating scientific and technical documentation requires precision, accuracy and consistency. Even the slightest change to operating instructions or units of scale can lead to disastrous results for your customers and employees in foreign markets. VEQTA’s scientific and technical translation services will translate any technical document without any concerns about mistakes, omissions, or mistranslations.

Contact us and ask about our competitive Technical translation rates today. VEQTA’s scientific & technical translation services will translate any technical document without the worry of mistakes, omissions, or mistranslations.

Our scientific translation and technical translation services include:

• Translation of SDS
• Operator Manuals Translation
• IT Manuals Translation
• Safety Sheets Translation Malaysia
• Medical Translation Services Malaysia
• legal Translation Services Malaysia
• Engineering Documents Translation
• Translation ERP Singapore
• Translation for Heavy Industries
Desktop Publishing

Technical translation services are complex in that they entail specific subject-matter expertise in addition to linguistic editing ability. When the content is incredibly specialized, the smallest error or misinterpretation of context could have a very drastic effect on the content’s meaning – especially if the document is a safety or instructional manual.

You need meticulous professionals to read every word of your technical document. At VEQTA Translations, we have an advantage over our competitors with our subject-specific experts. We use technical translators who are experts in your document’s subject matter. They’re familiar with the terminology and won’t make costly errors, saving you time and money while maintaining the highest quality technical translation. No matter what your requirements are (e.g. user manuals to manufacturing assembly instructions and more), VEQTA’s expert translators will utilize your industry’s technical terminology to accurately translate any technical document you need.

To execute your translation project, VEQTA Translations employs subject-matter experts who are well-educated in the subject area, its terminology and the linguistic style of the target language. Transforming technical content from one language to another requires a different linguistic approach.

A great deal of focus must be offered to the cultural knowledge of both the source and target language markets. It’s important to have a localization expert assigned to your technical translation project in order to ensure that the context is accurately conveyed.

Amongst all languages, words have different meanings depending on how they’re used, and you can’t afford for these meanings to be “lost in translation.” Both linguistic and cultural translation requires a disciplined approach to accuracy and consistency of terminology use and style. We at VEQTA Translations are well-equipped to handle any project.