In the last several decades, desktop publishing in Malaysia has become a very technical process. Once a long, arduous process, desktop publishing is now one of the best ways to design and complete marketing projects for business everywhere.

Desktop publishing has increased the capabilities of designers who can now turn boring text into vibrant, interactive graphics and videos that catch the attention of every customer that views them.

VEQTA has a location in Malaysia and hopes to help businesses within cities like Johor and those expanding to Malaysia with all of their desktop publishing needs. Desktop publishing allows a graphic designer to produce everything from PDF documents to PowerPoints and website pages.

The main reason you need desktop publishing in Malaysia is for typesetting.


Typesetting is all about formatting. When you have text translated from English into a language that doesn’t use letters but characters, you may find yourself with more text than you started with. Trying to figure out how to re-format your printed materials or electronic materials can be quite a task.


A lot of company stakeholders may simply send their company’s information in a Word document to a translator who will send back a translation that the company will then copy and paste on their website or onto various documents that they print and distribute.

This isn’t a good idea.

Why? Because no one in your company understands the language, there may be mistakes when it comes to formatting the text. Mistakes like these can include line breaks in inappropriate places, text that is deleted or changed without your knowledge, and confusing layouts.

In short, typesetting is important because it cuts down confusion by eliminating issues that come from documents that are typeset by someone who doesn’t know the language. In addition, correctly- typeset materials help customers in your target market build trust in your company. They know you will go above and beyond to translate and typeset your information so that they can have the same experience as the customers you have who speak the same language as you.


With locations in Malaysia as well as Thailand and Singapore, VEQTA is able to provide high-quality desktop publishing services to clients in Malaysia or those who are hoping to expand their business to Malaysia.

The company’s name comes from the work VECTOR which is a term for defining images in desktop publishing. The team is made up of thousands of qualified translators who live and work in the regions you are looking to expand to.

VEQTA is able to provide proper formatting for your various files including Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, eps, pst, fm, cwd, ppt, docx, and other web formats. The team can also work with any requirements you or your company have to help keep your branding consistent no matter what country your business finds itself in.

If you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for, the team can provide mockups that will help you understand what your final desktop publishing project will look like. You can also get rough desktop publishing formatting from VEQTA. We will be able to provide quick DPT services that include making sure all text is visible, making sure all inconsistencies are corrected, and fixing errors in client files.

If you’re ready to begin formatting your desktop publishing files so that they are easily readable by your target audience, contact us at VEQTA today.