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Business Translation

Professional document translation aids your business to communicate clearly and efficiently with your team and customers. We can facilitate the communication of your business with our professional document translation services. We can provide full-service translation for any document in over 50 languages. Able to translate anything from technical and legal documentation and marketing materials to graphics and multimedia subtitles, we are well equipped to localize your documents. We consistently translate documents related to specific industries such as manufacturing, software, HR training, hospitality, and retail.

When it comes to our Business Translation services, we are sure to select professional translators that live and work in your target language’s geography. Our experienced translators will carefully observe to each language’s linguistic nuances and will use concise terminology and geographically preferred styles.

Our expertise with design applications allows us to work with your documents and translate them into your target languages. By providing us with the source files of your PDFs and/or other formatted documents, our multilingual Desktop Publishing staff will format the translated content to mirror your original documents.

We work with a wide variety of files to ensure that your content, layout, and graphics will be just how you want them. You won’t have to waste any valuable resources, time, or money reformatting, cutting, and pasting within the copy. We do this in such a way that we’re able to deliver to you a completed PDF translation that you can use immediately. If the source files are unavailable, our PDF tools will allow us to extract or if needed, transcribe the content before translation. Our team will recreate and format your PDF to exactly match the source language layout.

For larger projects, we will create a glossary to include location-specific terminology (approved by the client) prior to translating the entire document. The glossary development process eventually leads to an approved list of source terms that’s to be used by all members of the linguistic team. The text in your document will go through translation, editing and a Quality Assurance (QA) process which is executed by our professional in-country linguists. After that, our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists will format the translated content within the source file’s application (e.g. Adobe InDesign, Quark, PowerPoint, Word, etc.). Once the translation has been properly formatted, a quality delivery assurance check is performed before delivery.

Technical Translation Services Malaysia

The depth, scope, and experience of VEQTA’s professional technical translation services gives our clients a competitive edge by receiving accurate and contemporary translations, unmatched by anyone else in the industry. VEQTA’s technical translation services are grounded in quality translation and in-depth research that enables our translators to properly manage technical content.

At VEQTA Translations, we understand the challenges that come with producing quality technical translations and know the necessary steps of translation to produce a high-quality result. Whether translation is needed for an operator’s manual for a luxury car’s ‘infotainment’ control system, a software user assistance guide for a go-to-market ERP system, or an e-Learning presentation, we at VEQTA can provide quick and accurate results. Our translation agency in Malaysia has the professional experience and technology to ensure that the translation and requested conditions are completed and followed to each client’s satisfaction.

Scientific language can range anywhere from dry and straightforward to lively and poetic. Sometimes scientific language is full of abstract ideas. Other times, it’s mired in hard facts and boring details. Either way, translating scientific writing to foreign languages requires specific scientific translation services. We make sure your scientific documents make a seamless transition to all the major Asian, European, and Middle Eastern markets. Managing scientific and technical documents is a difficult task. Versioning alone can take months to complete. Now multiply that difficulty when translating to other languages. Translating scientific and technical documentation requires precision, accuracy and consistency. Even the slightest change to operating instructions or units of scale can lead to disastrous results for your customers and employees in foreign markets. VEQTA’s scientific and technical translation services will translate any technical document without any concerns about mistakes, omissions, or mistranslations.

VEQTA’s scientific & technical translation services will translate any technical document without the worry of mistakes, omissions, or mistranslations. Our scientific translation and technical translation services include:

  • Translation of SDS
  • Operator Manuals Translation
  • IT Manuals Translation
  • Safety Sheets Translation Malaysia
  • Medical Translation Services Malaysia
  • legal Translation Services Malaysia
  • Engineering Documents Translation
  • Translation ERP Singapore
  • Translation for Heavy Industries

Technical translation services are complex in that they entail specific subject-matter expertise in addition to linguistic editing ability. When the content is incredibly specialized, the smallest error or misinterpretation of context could have a very drastic effect on the content’s meaning – especially if the document is a safety or instructional manual.
You need meticulous professionals to read every word of your technical document. At VEQTA Translations, we have an advantage over our competitors with our subject-specific experts. We use technical translators who are experts in your document’s subject matter. They’re familiar with the terminology and won’t make costly errors, saving you time and money while maintaining the highest quality technical translation. No matter what your requirements are (e.g. user manuals to manufacturing assembly instructions and more), VEQTA’s expert translators will utilize your industry’s technical terminology to accurately translate any technical document you need. We can work with clients needing Thai translation, Korean, Malay, Japanese and translations in up to 50 languages.

To execute your translation project, VEQTA Translations employs subject-matter experts who are well-educated in the subject area, its terminology and the linguistic style of the target language. Transforming technical content from one language to another requires a different linguistic approach. A great deal of focus must be offered to the cultural knowledge of both the source and target language markets. It’s important to have a localization expert assigned to your technical translation project in order to ensure that the context is accurately conveyed. Amongst all languages, words have different meanings depending on how they’re used, and you can’t afford for these meanings to be “lost in translation.” Both linguistic and cultural translation requires a disciplined approach to accuracy and consistency of terminology use and style. We at VEQTA Translations are well-equipped to handle any project.

Desktop Publishing Services Malaysia

At VEQTA Translation, we want to work with you and find a solution that fits your needs. We strive to allow for a seamless translation process by using appropriate terminology and proper formatting. VEQTA Translation can come to your rescue with our multilingual Desktop Publishing and image localization services. Whether you need a 30-page PDF translation from English into Arabic, or a marketing collateral piece with graphics localized for the Japanese market, VEQTA’s staff of multilingual Desktop Publishing specialists is up for the task.
We can provide professional DTP services as we can work with most file formats (e.g. .indd, .ai, .eps, .pst, .eps, .fm, .cwd, .ppt, .docx and other web formats). We can easily follow requirements and provide solutions as well as adhere and observe to any desired guidelines, turnaround times, instructions and client references.

Translating a document is just one step in a very big process. Maintaining a consistent format throughout all of your translated material is key to driving results. To ensure that your localized content matches the quality of your brand, we help our clients build the layout of the translated versions through our multilingual Desktop Publishing process. We are a complete turnkey solution that will deliver print-ready multilingual versions of your content quickly and accurately.

DTP Formatting

We integrate the translated content by recreating the format and layout of the source document after translation. We re-format pages to ensure the layout is as close as possible to the source language layout. We can re-create any document using the page layout software mentioned above. Typically, this includes:

  • Combining and rearranging of text and images using fonts and graphics of your choice to prepare documents for web or print.
  • Formatting pages to allow text expansion and length reduction in the translated source.
  • Generating high or low-resolution PDFs to be sent as deliverables along with the source application files.
  • Generating indexes and tables of content.
  • Updating cross-references.

Image Re-touching and Localization

We re-touch images containing translatable text. Our team can replace source-language screen prints with other screens captured from localized applications. We can produce localized versions of images, illustrations, screens of your documentation, software, manuals, etc. After project completion, images can be placed in your documentation, website, software, game, brochure, etc. immediately.

Mock-up Layout

Fast DTP to create a rough draft – e.g. used for client revision purposes only before the DTP is finalized. Preparation of screenshots to indicate the look, feel and layout of the final format.

Rough DTP Formatting

Quick DTP on files to eventually provide a PDF with all texts visible (expanding frames, decreasing font size, etc.). This process fixes errors and makes minor modifications as well as spotting inconsistencies.

Transcription Service

Transcription from flattened formats such as images, audio, video and/or interactive mediums.

Typographical Formatting

Formatting content and managing paragraphs, characters, line breaks, bleeds, gutter, font management, kerning etc.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We can extract content from different sources (such as scanned PDFs or images) and format the source material into an editable ‘unflatten’ version. We also provide translation integration with professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) for web and print.

Translation Quality Checks

After your organization has spent considerable time and effort to obtain a quality translation, the last things you need are poorly formatted tables, critical unresolved cross-references, or incorrectly hyphenated translated words. Our experts work to format the translated text to either expand or contract in its translated format, depending on language pair. In addition, we perform final quality delivery checks. During the quality checking process, we ensure to have become familiar with your content and layout while maintaining accuracy with multiple levels of review.

We execute a final technical QA of the source and target language layouts. Afterward, a final linguistic QA of the source and target documents will be completed.
Our Desktop Publishing team has years of experience in formatting and manipulating multilingual content in complex languages and applications. In that respect, VEQTA Translations’ multilingual Desktop Publishing experts have the experience to reformat even the most challenging languages, such as right-to-left languages like Arabic and Urdu, or DTP for Thai translation. Our team also has extensive experience with translations that shrink and expand in terms of the number of characters after translation (e.g. Korean language typically uses less characters while French typically uses more). As a translation firm that’s committed to providing the best quality and service, we are sure to use the latest technologies in order to deliver the best product possible. Ultimately, by choosing us, you will save your time and money.
By employing “locks” to protect all code and content not meant to be translated, our team can focus on translating the desired content without any fear of changing any code by mistake. Our talented DTP and QA specialists will make your text look great regardless of format and desired application.

Malay Localization Services & Products

  • Malay Translation
  • Malay Documentation, Scanned PDFs
  • Malay Language Review
  • Malay Desktop Publishing
  • Malay Interpretation Services
  • Malay Marketing Material
  • Malay Proofreading
  • Malay Magazines, Brochures
  • Malay Linguistic Testing
  • Malay User Manuals, I.T
  • Malay Quality Assurance
  • Malay Websites
  • Malay Voice-over & Dubbing
  • Malay e-Learning courses
  • Malay Market Research
  • Malay Product Localization
  • Malay Subject-Matter experts
  • Malay Software Application Localization
  • Malay Subtitling
  • Malay Cloud-Based Software
  • Malay Copywriting
  • Malay Mobile App Localization
  • Malay SAAS Translation
  • Malay Video Content
  • Malay Functional Testing
  • Malay Subtitles
  • Malay Subject Matter Expertise
  • Malay Training Courses
  • Malay Transcription
  • Malay Multimedia & Animation/Flash
  • Malay Automated Machine Translation (AT/MT)
  • Malay Technical Documentations

Business Translation Services

Whether your business is moving into a new market and needs documentation and content localized, or you are attempting to improve your customer’s overall experience in an existing foreign market, VEQTA provides translation solutions in Malaysia and Singapore. We are your go-to business translation services company. We have experience in providing translation in most industry fields and subject matters.

  • Business Translation Services can be done for company profiles, reports, business plans, capability statements, general business communication, insurance documents, contracts, agreements, notices, emails and memos. This ties in with our in with our legal translation services
  • Corporate Human Resource Texts (Training, Policies, Staff Handbooks etc.)
  • Financial Translation Services, (e.g. Accounting, Auditing, Balance Sheet)
  • Procedural and Policy Manuals
  • Or any other documents that you require to succeed in new markets that speak new languages.

We have a team of business owners, linguists, project managers, translators, editors, proof-readers, and experienced subject matter terminologists that provide accurate and affordable business translation. A dedicated Localization Account/Project management team is used for all projects coupled with Desktop Publishing services (if required).

Translation for Marketing Malaysia

Many businesses have learned the hard way that an ad or marketing campaign that worked domestically may not have the same charm when translated into a foreign language. For example; auto giant Ford found that in Belgium, enticing customers with a dead body in every car isn’t the best way to make a sale! Hoping to promote superb manufacturing, Ford launched a PR campaign in a European country that executives believed said: “Every car has a high-quality body.” However, when translated, the slogan read, “Every car has a high-quality corpse” – a far cry from the image they were hoping to portray.

Famous blunders like that never happen with VEQTA Translations. That’s because of our native translation, editing and proofreading teams are familiar with the cultural nuances important to successful marketing and advertising translation. We provide translations that support any business anywhere! Rolling out a product or service to a foreign market can be a huge challenge, and not just for new customers. Naturally, it carries the risk of failure. What if the overseas target market doesn’t respond to the product the way domestic markets do? What if the marketing messaging falls on deaf ears?

Your international marketing and advertising teams rely on an accurate translation of your carefully crafted marketing messaging. VEQTA Translations provides accurate and affordable business translations aimed to penetrate global markets. Let us take the lead on your next translation project and you’ll find a committed team that will not let you down.

Platforms for which we have provided marketing translation includes:

  • Advertisements, Newsletter, Magazine, Print collaterals, Point of Sales (POS) Documents
  • Audio scripts, Commercials
  • Catalogues, Fliers, Brochures
  • Media Releases
  • Email Fliers and Email Communication
  • Television and Radio Scripts, Jingles, Slogans
  • Website Content

We can also provide you with the layout and Desktop Publishing service necessary to fit the translated copy into your documentation. We can work with all major industry-standard software.

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