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Where to get documents translated

Business Translation

Professional document translation aids your business to communicate clearly and efficiently with your team and customers. We can facilitate the communication of your business with our professional document translation services. We can provide full-service translation for any document in over 50 languages. Able to translate anything from technical and legal documentation and marketing materials to graphics and multimedia subtitles, we are well equipped to localize your documents. We consistently translate documents related to specific industries such as manufacturing, software, HR training, hospitality, and retail.

When it comes to our Business Translation services, we are sure to select professional translators that live and work in your target language’s geography. Our experienced translators will carefully observe to each language’s linguistic nuances and will use concise terminology and geographically preferred styles.

Our expertise with design applications allows us to work with your documents and translate them into your target languages. By providing us with the source files of your PDFs and/or other formatted documents, our multilingual Desktop Publishing staff will format the translated content to mirror your original documents.

We work with a wide variety of files to ensure that your content, layout, and graphics will be just how you want them. You won’t have to waste any valuable resources, time, or money reformatting, cutting, and pasting within the copy. We do this in such a way that we’re able to deliver to you a completed PDF translation that you can use immediately. If the source files are unavailable, our PDF tools will allow us to extract or if needed, transcribe the content before translation. Our team will recreate and format your PDF to exactly match the source language layout.

For larger projects, we will create a glossary to include location-specific terminology (approved by the client) prior to translating the entire document. The glossary development process eventually leads to an approved list of source terms that’s to be used by all members of the linguistic team. The text in your document will go through translation, editing and a Quality Assurance (QA) process which is executed by our professional in-country linguists. After that, our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists will format the translated content within the source file’s application (e.g. Adobe InDesign, Quark, PowerPoint, Word, etc.). Once the translation has been properly formatted, a quality delivery assurance check is performed before delivery.

Business Translation Services

Whether your business is moving into a new market and needs documentation and content localized, or you are attempting to improve your customer’s overall experience in an existing foreign market, VEQTA provides translation solutions in Malaysia and Singapore. We are your go-to business translation services company. We have experience in providing translation in most industry fields and subject matters.

  • Business Translation Services can be done for company profiles, reports, business plans, capability statements, general business communication, insurance documents, contracts, agreements, notices, emails and memos. This ties in with our in with our legal translation services
  • Corporate Human Resource Texts (Training, Policies, Staff Handbooks etc.)
  • Financial Translation Services, (e.g. Accounting, Auditing, Balance Sheet)
  • Procedural and Policy Manuals
  • Or any other documents that you require to succeed in new markets that speak new languages.

We have a team of business owners, linguists, project managers, translators, editors, proof-readers, and experienced subject matter terminologists that provide accurate and affordable business translation. A dedicated Localization Account/Project management team is used for all projects coupled with Desktop Publishing services (if required).

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