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Translation Process

Thanks to translation technology, the process translators undertake and the steps for translation has been refined immensely. However, the essence of quality translation remains unchanged –individuals rewriting text from a source language into a target language. We believe that many in our industry, in an effort to differentiate themselves, would have you believe they have built a better mousetrap. It’s just not true. The vast majority of projects still require, quite simply:

Our team approach translation by following a proven process consisting of Translation, Editing/Review, and Quality Assurance. This proven workflow allows us to create accurate translations of high quality in up to 50 languages that express the same meaning as conveyed in the source language. We use one separate translator for translation and a separate editor/reviewer who edits and creates a polished final text. This is followed by quality checking. We only use translators with native language proficiency of the target language for all our projects to allow for the highest quality of the deliverables at very competitive rates.

We believe in building relationships with our customers, enabling us to deliver exactly what you want with each document. We learn your style and terminology preferences so that we are efficient and accurate when creating your translation. Moreover, we provide multiple levels of quality assurance reviews specific to your individual needs. We’ll work with you to make sure we’re addressing your specific requirements for each project, executing diligently in order to ensure absolute satisfaction with the translated documents we create for you.

What is the Process of translation

Next time you are shopping for a localization solution and a vendor tries to woo you with fancy jargon, proprietary software or quality certifications–not to mention outlandish claims of bigger is better –watch out! You may pay too much, receive poor customer service, or get questionable quality, with dispersed accountability if the process of your project is interrupted. VEQTA Translations will never impose these tricks of the trade on you and instead provide sound localization project management.

translation process


The translator creates the translation which is then edited by a separate reviewer. All translations need to be of high-quality standard before it’s ready for editing. All our resources have undergone thorough testing and we only accept translators and reviewers who have a solid background with years of experience in their selected field of subject matter expertise.


The reviewer verifies the accuracy of the translation and corrects any grammatical or punctuation errors. The reviewer ensures appropriate terminology has been used and that glossaries, references and style guides have been observed. For larger projects we can assign additional translators who collaborate to meet your required turnaround times.


Desktop publishing and formatting. We offer to build the layout of the translated versions through our multilingual desktop publishing services as required. We can recreate the format and layout of the source document after translation, reformatting pages to ensure the layout is as close as possible to the source language layout. We can re-create the documents using most industry page layout software.


VEQTA Translations preserve the same quality standards for all translation and desktop publishing projects, thus quality assurance is an essential part of the production process. We always do a round of delivery QA checks upon completion of the project. We pay attention to language specific issues like punctuation, special characters, truncated texts, naming conventions, overall completeness, formatting or correcting inconsistencies in the target source or translation in images (if needed) and correcting other errors.

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