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HODL? FUD? Welcome to the world of Crypto!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since the creation of block chain and the Satoshi whitepaper. If you are like most people you are kicking yourself for not looking into Bitcoin (BTC) when it was trading at a few cents a BTC as it today is valued at thousands of dollars per bitcoin and you may feel the technology arrived just the other day!

The reality is that the block chain technology has very quickly become a fixture in R&D Departments and the Fin Tech space. Governments across the globe are coming to terms how they would like to shape their policy on the technology. Naturally the world is watching China’s sentiment on cryptos. A new industry emerged with actors developing new business models around digital assets involving the blockchain technology.

How to translate Cryptocurrency Terminology?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies comes the need to understand cryptocurrency terminology.
A whole new world of crypto terminology has been coined by developers, BTC mining companies, Crypto Exchanges, early adapters, early traders of BTC and a few thousands Altcoins, stakeholders and industry participants in the crypto field.

A suitable crypto translator may have a background in translating FX Trading, Stock Trading, Day Trading, Swing Trading, Investment Schedules, Stock Exchange trading bot technology white papers. While such experience may be an ideal starting point for a crypto currency translator, the translator need to grasp the concept and meaning of the new terms. Here is an excellent reference on crypto currency terminology

Some crypto terms should not be translated whereas other terms may be translated. Also the context that is important to note. If you have a client that is active in the field of crypto currencies and blockchain technology please be aware that if you hire a junior inexperienced translator for this type of content, there is a good chance you end up with a real funny translation! Or perhaps simply the wrong tone of language.
Example: If the source makes a reference to a similar event that happened at Mt.Gox a well-versed translator understands the implication and applies the right tone of language accordingly.

It’s therefore essential you assign a translator who is familiar with the crypto terminology.

Is Your Translator ready for the Cryptocurrency Terms and the meaning?

No, ‘Whale watching’ has nothing to do with marine life!
No, ‘Binance’ is not a typo of ‘Finance’.
No, a ‘block’ is not short for block chain.
No, ‘Bitcoin cash’ is not what you get when you sell bit coins.
And a so called ‘hard fork’ is not a piece of cutlery!

Learn how we helped Xera by translating their new BCLG platform on the blockchain: translation case study.

We specialize in translation in the Fin tech and technology field and we even have some Project Managers who keep a few Satoshis and Altcoins like NEO, DASH and Lightcoin in their digital wallets. Our translators have a genuine interest in the field of cryptocurrencies and our interest continues to shine through in the excellent translation we provide.

The content has been whitepapers for platforms on blockchain, Crypto investment schedules, presentations/Proposals and Crypto Exchange related UI/UA terminology to mention some.

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