Lockdown language –  Are you familiar with the new phrases that sprung out of the Pandemic?

The full impact that the Covid 19 pandemic will leave on the global community is still unfolding on a day to day basis. While some of us are fortunate to return to work While many still work online, 2020 has been a real roller-coaster so far.  After all, who in their right mind could ever have predicted roll of toilet paper could ever be worth more than a barrel of crude oil?

As for us translators and project managers who take an interest in linguistics, here are some freshly coined terms that have emerged out of the crisis.

All in good jest of course.

“Antisocial distancing”

The act of using necessary health precautions as an excuse for snubbing neighbors and ignoring individuals you find being a nuisance.

“Blue Skype-think”

A team meeting that takes place using a videoconferencing program such as Zoom or Skype – also refereed to as a “Zoomposium”.


The good and bad times of your state of mind during the pandemic. You’re almost cherishing the lockdown one moment however out of nowhere you become teary with nervousness, it genuinely is “an enthusiastic coronacoaster“.


It’s what you get from digesting too much news on television during the pandemic lockdown stay – It can cause a ‘panic-demic’ !


Instead of twenty to thirty year olds millenials, this alludes to the group of people yet to come of infants considered or conceived during coronavirus isolate. They may likewise get known as “Age C” or, all the more creepily, “Offspring of the Quarn”.

“Coughin’ dodger”

Somebody so frightened by a harmless throat-clear that they quickly move away or change the direction they we’re walking.


The extra weight gain we may all get from overeating at home without exercise. Otherwise called “fattening the curve”.

“A Covidiot”

A person who overlooks general well-being guidance in place for the well being of others can be said to show “covidiocy” or be “covidiotic“. Likewise called a “lockclown“.

“Furlough Merlot”

Wine consumed to relive the stress and disappointment of not being at work, also refereed to as a ‘bored eaux”


Additional make-up applied to “make one’s eyes pop” before walking outside wearing a face mask.

‘The elephant in the Zoom”

The obvious issue during a videoconferencing call that is being avoided to be talked about for a good reason. For example your Managers messy living room showing in the background on the Zoom Conference!

“He’s a Quentin Quarantino”

Someone spending their time in lockdown making amateur films which they’re adamant are more entertaining and cleverer than they really are.

“Quarantinis on the Rocks”

Exploratory mixed drinks blended from whatever random ingredients you may have stashed away in your cupboard.


Somehow I think these new expressions won’t be added to the Cambridge Dictionary of Idioms anytime soon!