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Website translations

Translating a website into multiple languages is anything but a straightforward process. Unlike other translation services, professional website translation requires a range of skills that go beyond simply translating from one language to another. It requires linguists, translators, and web technologists who understand both the linguistic nuances and the technical terms necessary to translate your site to other languages effectively. Website translation is subject to include linguistic translations, professional website translation, code tag protection, meta tags creation and translation, graphics modification (images or animated). Ensuring operability in non-Latin-based languages is huge key to what we do. We also ensure our work is culturally acceptable by using local terminology and expressions. We consistently translate content related to specific industries such as manufacturing, software, tourism, and retail. We will take your source files and turn them into fully localized versions that are ready to launch in your chosen languages. Our Webtranslation supports all major formats including multimedia such as Flash localization or e-learning.

Website Translators

Website translation isn’t just merely translating your site’s content into a target language. It is ensuring that your site is completely optimized for that market locale. In addition to ensuring content is linguistically correct, we also ensure that all content is culturally appropriate. Simple things like the incorrect usage of dates and time, currency, weights and measures can derail a company’s reputation quickly. Here at VEQTA, we care about complete accuracy across the board. What is accepted in one language may be rude and vulgar in another. Never underestimate the significance of cultural appropriateness when considering website localization. VEQTA’s localization professionals have deep knowledge of cultural customs and practices. They will help you avoid any misunderstandings and/or mishaps associated with an uninformed website translation. We will give you the confidence of knowing that your website not only looks the part but acts the part too.

Linguistic Quality Revision (LQR)

Our website translators prioritize testing and quality assurance as part of our website content translation. We can complete LQR of the final output of a localized product to ensure the language is accurate. LQR is a review carried out using screen-by-screen linguistic checks to ensure that all translated content is complete and layout displays are correct (e.g. checking, reporting and suggesting corrections for User Interface (UI) texts, User Assistance (UA), populated list boxes, truncated texts, typos, formatting issues, consistency and error messages). LQR also includes linguistic accuracy of audio voice-over if required. Our LQR is done with the assistance of Desktop Publishing (DTP) operators and language reviewers. We can check multiple formats like web, cloud, e-Learning courses with audio, Flash, Aftereffects, Captivate, Lectora and Storyline Articulate to mention a few. This is strongly recommended for larger or interactively complex projects to ensure that all components and aspects of the project have been thoroughly checked before client delivery.

Linguistic Evaluation

We can also provide a linguistic evaluation on an existing translation. This report consists of an evaluation of the quality of the translation from an experienced editor. Suggestions for improvement will also be provided if needed. The review compares the source text and the corresponding translations. This assess the quality of existing legacy translation and determines the feasibility to edit the source text or the quality of existing translation memory.

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