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We are often asked ‘How can I translate a video into English‘ or other languages?

There are several options depending on whether e.g you need to translate the transcript to English or video subtitling or if voice recording is required.
The broad steps behind a translated video creation by the video translator are:

  • Video Transcription
  • Transcript timecode creation
  • Transcript Translation
  • Voiceover

We are experts in providing Video Transcription Services and use the latest localization technologies to ensure that the target-language versions of your translated transcript is identical to the quality of the source-language content. With a wide variety of translation and quality assurance resources at our disposal, our translation professionals are well-equipped to tackle your project’s custom specifications regarding the media channel.

The video language translator carries out the translation, editing & review. The translated transcript is used for dubbing, audio and mixing is carried out by qualified audio engineers, followed by video rendering and quality checks.

We can localize virtually any combination of elements involved translating video such as animation, sound, dubbing, interactive media, onscreen text, and graphics. The subject matter can be for industry use, corporate, education and information campaigns – we assign our video translators accordingly their experience.

We do not build original e-media products from scratch, our expertise is in translating and localizing existing audio and video for a seamless production. Our team members use our state-of-the-art technology; the end result is that you get a high calibre deliverable that’s user-ready as soon as we’re finished.

Read more on the voice-over recording process Voiceover Translation Services.

Subtitle Translation Services

Video subtitling services and translation of subtitles or captions entail the process of displaying the original or translated text of spoken dialogue and programs, video, movie, games, or film. The subtitler creates a time-coded script and may also specify the positioning of the subtitles, usually 2 lines per scene with a character limitation, as well as any additional localized Onscreen Text (OST). Captions / Subtitles can be either ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Open captions are always displayed and can’t be switched off, whereas for closed captions the viewer can toggle the subtitles to turn them on or off e.g via a remote control on a DVD/Blueray or in youtube/online or a media viewer player that supports closed captioning. There are several professional subtitling software which may do essentially the same job. It’s also important the translators follow a commonly accepted subtitle style guide, and best practices regarding displayed character restrictions, subtitle grammar, and commonly accepted practices for subtitling in the foreign language.

Closed Captions

We can provide translated caption files in programs such as SubRip, Premiere, AfterEffects, Visual sub sync or sub viewer, for example or .sbv format that can be used on your platform or online. Open Captions: Open captions means the text ‘burned-in’ (or hard-coded) are subtitles that remain visible at all time. This means the subtitles and the video are saved in a video format such as MOV, MPEG-4, WMV AVI, SWF, H.264 or DivX. Since open captions are rendered as embedded as part of the video format, and not provided as a separate file as closed captions,
open captions are subject to loss of quality if the encoded video is compressed e.g for the web.

The term captions and subtitles are used interchangeably and there is no difference to most people, however, in the U.S and Canada subtitles mean the text of dialogue and closed caption is referred to ‘subtitles for the hard of hearing’ which includes other non-spoken elements besides the dialogue/narration.

Same Language Subtitling (SLS): This is the use of Synchronized Captioning and is a highlighted karaoke style of subtitles.

Video Translation Services

Translating Video in more than 50 languages:

  • Video Translation Services
  • Video Transcription
  • Transcript Translation
  • Translate audio file
  • Translate Video
  • Translate Youtube video
  • Subtitling Translation
  • Online Video Translator
  • Right-to-Left Subtitling
  • Asian Language Video Translation
  • European Languages Subtitling
  • Language Quality Checks

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Whether you need to translate a Youtube Video or have an audiobook that needs to be translated, or an online course with audio or video, seek out our translator team in Malaysia today to find out more!

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