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VEQTA translations team in Thailand provide Thai translation and localization services for all major industries. We also provide voiceover and dubbing services for your e-learning course, corporate presentation, broadcasting commercial, interactive voice response system (IVR) or nearly any recording needs. We also provide dubbing for MMORPG Games.

We provide voiceover and localization in over 50 languages which is why all our translation and voiceover projects follow our proven processes for the best result. For all voiceover projects, we work with experienced and enthusiastic voice talents who are expatriates living in Asia. We also use language monitors who supervise the voice over artist in the studio to ensure the recording is perfect and free from mispronunciation. We also make use of pronunciation guides and record the voiceover talents in a state of the art recording studio.
We also have audio engineers who clean the audio and can integrate the audio into your video, e-learning course or any other file format.

If this is something you are interested in, please read more about our Thai voiceover or Malay voiceover by clicking on the link or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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